Friday, March 20, 2009

Eagles and Easter Eggs

For spring break this year, we took our party of five to Arkansas to visit Papa, Gigi, Cari, and Aunt Karen! We got to do lots of fun things including dying Easter eggs and going to Chuck E. Cheese! Probably the most exciting event for our family was going to watch Daddy's high school, Arkansas Baptist, play in the 3A state championship game. It was Carter's first basketball game. What a great way to start his love of the game! The Eagles won! This was really special because when Daddy played basketball in high school, he helped to lead his team to the first state championship for the Arkansas Baptist. In fact, he still holds several records in the state of Arkansas! We are so proud of him and the Eagles for winning the big game! We had fun cheering for the Eagles and wearing our red!

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Summer's Big Girl Bed Debut

Well, tonight was a big night at our house! Summer made the move to the big girl bed! She has done great this first night - well, she did not climb out yet! For those of you who know anything about Summer, this is huge! She is our fearless one and quite the climber! Summer was really excited to get into her new bed tonight. She kept saying "big bed" over and over! In fact, as I type this she is sound asleep!

This picture was taken about a month ago.
This picture was taken tonight once she was in her big girl bed! She is even wearing the same pajamas! As you can see by her face, she was so very excited! Thank you, T, for bringing such a big smile to our little girl's face! She loves her new bed! Below are some sweet pictures of Summer playing with Carter and Tilly. She is such a great sister to these two and plays so well with both of them! We are blessed by sweet Summer!

Carter and Summer riding the horsey!
Summer sitting in Tilly's bumbo chair and sharing her blocks!

My Funny Fella

Carter is at such a fun age right now. He says so many funny things and I don't want to forget these cute things he says, so I thought I would come up with an ongoing list. My friend, April, who also blogs does this for her son and she calls them "Jacobisms" after her son's name, Jacob! Carterisms just doesn't sound as great, but if any of you have another idea I would love to hear it! Thanks for the great idea, April! Many of you won't find these as endearing as David and I do. I will keep that in mind. I will also keep in mind that you can't hear his cute little voice when he says these things, but those of you who know him, try to picture it!
1. Fick-Chil-A - He has called Chick-Fil-A this for as long as I can remember.
2. The brown is coming and wow, that's a big one, Mommy! I won't give any feedback on this one! Let's just say potty-training has been fun!
3. Mommy, you pretty and Daddy's handsome!
4. Mommy, let your pretty hair down!
5. I have blue eyes like Tilly! And Summer has brown eyes like Daddy!
6. Mommy, this is Ashley! Ashley is the special friend at school he talks about all the time that Mommy is not ready to talk about yet!
7. Don't cover my heart. He says this when I am zipping up his jacket and he doesn't want it zipped too high.
8. Handzitizer - his word for hand sanitizer.
9. Brush teeth - his word for toothpaste. I need some more brush teeth!
10. Indi-isible - his word for indivisible when saying the Pledge of Allegiance.
11. Dear God, thank you for this beautiful day! Wow.
12. Miss Giginia - how he says Miss Virginia the pre-school director at our school.
13. I hurt my body. He says this when he falls or hurts himself!
14. Sa Banana - Carter's word for Savannah. I was there last week with my third graders! David got a kick out him saying Mommy is in Sa Banana!
This is all I can think of for now. I am sure David will help me remember the ones I have forgotten.

This is how I found him in the bed tonight when I went in to check on him - with his jacket on!

I love this sweet smile!