Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Summer's 5 year check up.

Yesterday, I took Summer to her 5 year check up!  I still cannot believe she is already 5, whew!  Time is going by so fast.  This was Summer's first time to meet our new pediatrician, Dr. B.  The whole way over she was asking me all about him in comparison to our much loved Dr. G.  
Because Summer is going into Kindergarten, she had to go through all the steps.  She had to have her finger pricked, give a urine sample, get her shots, and go through the normal regular check up.  I remember thinking while he was listening to her heartbeat how thankful I am that we have four super healthy children.  I never want to take that for granted.  Summer is in fact, healthy as can be!  
Here are her stats:  weight, 54.6 pounds.  Height, 48 inches - 4 feet tall!  Summer is in the 96% for weight and off the chart for height!  Blood pressure, 96/58.  Pulse, 116.  All of her blood work came back normal, and because the immunization schedule is different in Georgia, Summer only had to have one shot instead of 3!  And she didn't even cry.  Summer will start Kindergarten in just a couple of weeks, and I think she is going to love it!
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Monday, July 30, 2012

Miss Kathryn.

Last week, one of my dear friends from Atlanta came to spend the week with us.  Kathryn.  What a treat it was to see her!  Do you know how it is when you move away from what has been so familiar and how refreshing it is to see a familiar face?  I loved it!  Kathryn and I taught together at the Heiskell School for almost 5 years.  She came into town on Tuesday and stayed until Friday afternoon.  We had so much fun, too much fun to pause and document our every outing with photographs, it seems!  Tuesday night, my sweet husband, kept all four children after working all day so that Kathryn and I could go out to supper.  I took her to one of our favorite places to eat in Hattiesburg, Brownstone's.  It did not disappoint!  After supper, I drove her around to give her a mini tour, mini because we had to get to Bible study not long after.  Kathryn was such a trooper, she joined me for college Bible study, where we are studying the book of James.  I have loved Tuesday night Bible studies with some of the college girls from our church.  Wednesday, we took the children to the splash pad at the zoo!  Kathryn took some really sweet pictures of the children that I just had to share.  
 Summer wearing Miss Kathryn's sunglasses. 
 Oh, how I love those little legs!
 Summer and Tilly having fun in the water. 
 Carter always has the biggest smile while at the splash pad.  

 My not so little one splashing in the puddles. 
 Summer looks so grown!  She had her check up this week, so I'll post more about her soon.  
 Story perched eating her ice cream.  
Love her face!  Another of our friends joined us at the splash pad, Teresa.  She taught with me at Heiskell, and Kathryn was actually hired to take her place when Teresa's husband's job transferred him.  Never did I dream that we would be living so close to each other again, so fun!
Wednesday night, we had family night at church.  David smoked some awesome meat, and we watched a great little movie, No Greater Love.  I had not seen it before, but it was a really sweet story.  I loved introducing Kathryn to our church family.  
 Thursday, Kathryn and I, along with one of our college interns, Katie, rode to New Orleans on a ministry visit.  We met with a minister at First Baptist New Orleans to talk about some ministries they have going that we believe we can implement here, too.  Kathryn had never been to NOLA, so I loved showing her around.  
 I took the girls inside St. Louis Cathedral.  It's just so beautiful!  
 We ate lunch at this little restaurant, which was quite good, though I don't know that I would choose to go there again.  It looked like it was going to rain, so we didn't want to wander too far into the quarter.  Next time, we will just brave the rain and eat somewhere a little better, ha!  
You can't go to New Orleans without having some beignets, so we managed to make some room in our already full bellies, ha!  Kathryn, thanks so much for coming to visit us.  We loved every minute of our time with you!  Please come back soon!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Saturday fun!

Our Saturday was so busy and so much fun!  We began our day at the gym for a 20/20/20 class.  David joined me, and it was such a treat to exercise with my love.  From the gym, David took Carter to a birthday party for a school friend while the girls and I headed home.  We got a phone call earlier in the week from one of our favorite families ever, saying that they would be passing through our town on their way to the beach for a week. The Longs from Marmaduke, Arkansas, where David served as a youth minister, and we lived for two years after we got married.  We met them for lunch at one of our favorite local eats, Baker's Burger.  Apparently, it's lots of beach-goer's favorites because the place was full of people from out of state on their way to the beach.  

What a treat it was to see this sweet family!  

The children loved having so much attention from Bethany and Hannah.  

I love this picture of Tilly with Hannah.  She has a look of just pure delight on her sweet face!

As if our day wasn't fun enough already, we got to end our day playing in the pool!  I can think of no better way to end an already awesome day!  

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Friday, July 20, 2012

Hair cuts for the girlies!

On the afternoon of Summer's birthday, the girls got much needed hair cuts.  Our sweet friend, Miss Bridget, doesn't work at her salon any more, but never fear.  Hardy Street Baptist has it's very own barber chair.   I know, awesome!  A sweet, little man, Mr. Jerry, comes to our church every Tuesday and Thursday and cuts the hair of the men in our church.  Precious!  
 So, once we figured out a time a place, we met Miss Bridget for the big event.  Summer did not want her hair cut.  She wants really long hair, and bless her heart, it's just not happening!  
 She was a good sport and didn't give us any fuss.  Miss Bridget cut off all the dead ends, so maybe Summer's locks will grow! 
 Tilly was next, and was oh so serious during her hair cut.  I think she was counting down the minutes until the patch could come off.  She got to take it off after her hair cut!  What a trooper!
 Tilly just got a little trim, too.  
 This was Story's first hair cut, ever!  Sweet thing, she looked so big sitting up in the chair.  She did great, too.  
 I love how she is glancing over to look at herself in the mirror!  
 Story has way more hair than Summer or Tilly had at this age.  In fact, she already has about as much hair as Tilly has now, ha!  
 I had to distract her a few times.  My phone seems to do the trick more often than not!  
Thank you, Miss Bridget, for cutting our girls' hair!  We are so thankful for you!  

Meanwhile, look what this big fella is learning how to do all thanks to Daddy!

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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Summer's 5th birthday fun!

We have been counting down the days until Summer's 5th birthday for quite some time.  Five is kind of a big deal, you know?  She melted my heart last week when she asked, "Mommy, you know how my birthday is next week?  Do you think we can do something special, just our family?"  Um, yes, sweet thing!  Whatever you want!  And that's just what we did.  Summer really wanted to go swimming for her birthday, and we have that worked out, but it won't happen until later in the week.  All of the girls got hair cuts on Summer's birthday (another post, since it was Story's first!).  Afterwards, we let the birthday girl choose where she wanted to eat.  Much to Mommy and Daddy's delight, she chose one of our favorite's as well! Firehouse Subs.  I had Carter snap this picture of us girls while we were waiting on our food.  

For dessert, we went to Cold Stone for ice cream.  The children LOVE ice cream!  Love it.  

Here's the birthday girl sporting her new princess shirt from T.  She and Tilly especially love all things Disney Princess right now!  Story hasn't quite figured it out yet.  She just knows she sleeps with her Snow "Wipe" every night, ha!

Big brother Carter making sure we can see he has lost his top two teeth!  I do want to remember something sweet he did on Summer's birthday.  We still do nap time at our house.  The girls always sleep, but Carter usually has rest time in his room.  Some days he falls asleep, but not often.  On this day, he wasn't feeling all that well.  I don't know if his blood sugar dropped really fast or what, but he was really pale and didn't feel very well.  He ended up sleeping it off, and felt great after his nap.  I checked on him several times before he fell asleep, and one of the times he said to me, "Mom, I don't want to feel like this on Summer's special day!" 

Our Tilly girl cheesing for the camera.  Side note, she is doing really well with her patch, so thank you so much those of you who are praying.  We can tell, and we are thankful!  

Here's little bit, who as of late just doesn't seem so little anymore.  Thankfully, she still loves for me to hold her! After ice cream, we came home to help the birthday girl open her presents.  As a parent, well for me anyway, I always wonder:  Did I do enough?  Did I make her day special enough? Her sweet smiles and big hugs are all the answer I need!   

Apparently, turning five is hard work!  Happy birthday, sweet Summer!  We love you so very much!

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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Happy 5th birthday, Summer!

Happy 5th birthday, Summer Journey!  
Five years ago, we welcomed all 9 lbs 5 oz 21in of you into our family!  
 Your big brother was so excited about your arrival.  The same is true now as it was five years ago.  He completely adores you!  We all do!  
You were such an easy-going baby girl, always smiling and happy.  You are still such a sweet, happy girlie!  Let's look at what you've been up to over the last year.  It's been a busy one!
 Here you are with your best fella on your birthday last year.  
Your four year check up with Dr. G.  We sure do miss seeing him!  You have been such a very healthy girl over this past year, and we are oh so thankful.  You have not had a single sick appointment.  What a blessing!  
I adore this picture.  This is your very first day of school at Powder Springs First Baptist Church PreK.  Who knew we would only be there for 6 short weeks!
For career day you dressed as the cutest little chef in town!
You and Tilly before your first ballet and tap class at PSFBC.  You both still talk about your sweet teachers, Miss Ashley and Miss Kayla.  We are excited for the two of you to take dance this coming school year.  
 A back to school treat at DQ.  This would definitely be the night Story threw a fit because she didn't her dipped cone first!  Daddy likes to tell this story.  Mommy and our Story ended up sitting in the car while the rest of you enjoyed a treat.  
Your yearly dental checkup with Dr. A.  
 Monkey bars have and continue to be your favorite place to play on any playground.  
 Some family pictures we took in the fall just before our move to Hattiesburg.  These were taken at First Baptist Atlanta, where Daddy worked when he and Mommy first moved to Atlanta.  Shortly after this picture was taken, our family moved from Georgia to Mississippi.  For the most part, you handled this move really well.  I think you had some anxious mornings, but your teacher and principal were very sweet to comfort you and pray with you.  
 We spent our first weekend after moving to Hattiesburg in one of our favorite places, New Orleans.  Krispy Kreme in the past has been a usual stop for us there, but now we have one just down the road in our new town!  
 One afternoon in the fall, we spent the day at a dairy farm.  
 I had a difficult time choosing a favorite picture from your Thanksgiving celebration at school.  
 You and Tilly both sang with our classes.  It was so precious to see.  Daddy and I were so very proud of you.  
I love this picture of the three of us.  
 I took y'all to the homecoming parade for our new school in Hattiesburg.  It was your very first parade, and you loved it!  
 This picture was taken the week you were star student in your class.  We went to the grocery store that morning before school to pick out treats for your class.  I also got to read one of your favorite books to your classmates, Amelia Bedelia
 One of the things we have loved about our new school is all of the programs you and Tilly have been able to take part in.  I love to watch you sing, Summer.  You know every word to every song and all the hand motions, too!  You sing with your whole heart, and it is just one of the most precious things I have ever seen!
 Flashing your beautiful smile at me during your Easter egg hunt at school!  
 You had such a sweet group of friends at school this year.  I enjoyed getting to know some of these girls sweet mommas, too!  
 I don't even remember where we were for this picture.  I just love that look on your face.  
 Another picture with one of your #1 fans!  He loves you so!
 This spring, you had your eyes checked, and it turns out you have astigmatism, so you have these adorable purple glasses you wear all the time!  
 In the afternoons once we wake up from naps, y'all love to play outside.  Hopscotch is a favorite!
Summer, you are such a such a sweet, sweet big sister to Story and Tilly.  You play well with them.  You help take care of them, and they just love you to pieces.  
We don't go to the doctor for your check up until later this month, so I'm not for sure of your height and weight.  You wear size 1 shoe, and size 7/8 clothes.  You still have all of your baby teeth.  We have not pierced your ears yet, though you have been asking.  Mommy is not sure she's quite ready to make that decision yet.  It is a big deal!  You have begun to read this year, which has been amazing to us.  We think you are trying super hard to keep up with big brother, as you are competitive like that, ha!  You love music and love to dance.  Your favorite television shows are Strawberry Shortcake and anything Disney Princess.  You humor big brother though and watch his superhero shows, too!  Frankly, you would rather play than watch television, and are quite okay with that!  You are such a girly-girl and you love all things girlie.  Nail polish, lip gloss jewelry, hair clips, playing dress up, etc.  You love going to church and learning about Jesus.  We hope that never changes!  
Happy birthday, sweet Summer!  I adore your outgoing, fun-loving, sweet personality.  You kind of do your own thing, and I just love that about you.  I pray you will continue to grow strong and healthy to become the little lady God created you to be.  We pray He will capture your heart and use you to impact His kingdom in a special way.  You've certainly captured our hearts and changed our family forever!  We love you just the way you are!  I hope your birthday is such a special day, full of all things that bring you much joy and happiness.  Daddy and I are so very proud of you.  We all love you to the moon and back!