Thursday, June 28, 2012

June, 2012.

Thanks to my love, our home internet is finally up and running.  I've blogged already about some of the things we have done so far this summer, but June has been such a long and busy month that I didn't want to forget about some of the other fun things we've done.  The children had the opportunity to attend a couple of different Vacation Bible Schools this summer with friends from school.  I told one of my friends at the gym this week, "I don't think my children could hear about Jesus from too many different people!"  I have loved listening to them share about the things they've learned at VBS about God, His Word, and Jesus. 
 One of my favorite things we have done this summer is spend time with sweet friends.  We've had get togethers at each other's homes, we've gone out to eat together after church, we've had swimming and lake parties.  You name it!  I have loved spending time with our new friends here in Hattiesburg.  
 Of course we've had lots of family date nights, too.  Most of them include eating something sweet like Krispy Kreme or Dairy Queen.  That's why I run, my friends, that's why I run, ha!  
 David has been showing off his skills in the kitchen this summer, too.  He made one batch of pepper jelly with the peppers from our garden.  This particular batch did not have much heat, so we are going to crank it up a bit for the next batch.  
 We have enjoyed popsicles.  On the porch.  Because I had just mopped the floors!  We've also enjoyed them in the bath tub for the very same reason!  
 There's a beautiful hydrangea bush on the side of our house, and I have loved placing fresh flowers throughout our home.  
 Carter has always enjoyed helping in the kitchen.  He made the pigs in the blanket for our lunch one day, all by himself!  
Blueberries are in abundance this summer in Mississippi.  We've had lots of sweet friends to share some with us.  David made a batch of blueberry jam with some fresh blueberries.  What a fun treat to be able to share with our friends.  
 One of our church families, the Kirkpatricks, have lots of blueberries at their home.  They invited us to come over one evening to pick blueberries with them.  Carter and Summer were such great helpers.  
 Story had a fun time playing with her sweet friend, Mallory.  These two girls are in Sunday School together at church.  Look at those precious faces.  
 I would LOVE to know what's is being said here!
 Carter filling up his container with yummy blueberries.  It has been so nice to have lots and lots of blueberries.  I love them!  They are kind of expensive in the grocery stores, so we feel blessed to have so many to eat.  We've been putting a lot of them up in the freezer to have later in the year when the bushes are not producing so much fruit.  I hope we make another batch of jam, too.  I'm thinking that would be a great teacher's gift at some point this next school year.  
 After we picked blueberries, the children enjoyed showing off their gymnastic skills.  
 Story amazed all of us with her fearlessness.  Her hang time was pretty impressive, too!
 I love this expression on Summer's face.  
 I already blogged about our trip to the Hattiesburg Zoo Father's Day weekend, but I wanted to share some pictures from my non iPhone camera.  We were amazed at how close to us this cheetah was willing to get.  The only thing separating us from him was that tiny fence, yikes!
 I love this picture of the children with their daddy.  What a great daddy he is for sure!
 Story looking back at Daddy.  Love.  
 These fountain pictures are some of my favorites.  The splash pad was the highlight of our trip to the zoo.  
 I don't know if it's the way her hair is pulled back or the fact that I can remember Summer wearing this bathing suit, but Tilly looks so grown up to me in the picture.  It's hard to believe she will be four in just  over a month!
 Carter, Summer, and Tilly had the best time!  I loved watching them run through the water, squealing with delight!
 Story had a fun time, too!  I love that the big 3 most always attempt to include their little sister when playing.  Could not love these four more if I tried!
 Last Sunday, I was asked to take some pictures of the choir and praise team for our church directory.  I could not resist snapping a picture of David in action.  I love listening to him teach and preach week after week!  
 This picture is from our trip to New Orleans for the #SBC12.  Carter wanted to take a picture of our feet outside the restaurant.  He's becoming quite the little photographer!  I love that he's already interested in taking pictures.  
Earlier this week, we spent an afternoon at the lake with our friends, the Baileys.  What a fun time we had riding in the boat, tubing on the water and eating watermelon til we couldn't take another bite.  Summertime brings about its own challenges with four little people, but I have loved the freedom we've had this summer to sleep in, stay up late, watch television, play outside, spend time with friends and just enjoy being together.  Thankfully, we still have another whole month to enjoy before they head back to school!  

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Father's Day, 2012.

I am not sure why I posted about our trip to NOLA before my post on David's special day. I think because the only pictures I had from NOLA were on my phone anyway. At any rate, we loved celebrating David before we left for #SBC12. Our Father's Day celebration lasted for the whole weekend. Before we had four, on Mother's Day weekend we took Carter and Summer to Zoo Atlanta. This year, we decided to rekindle our zoo traditions on Father's Day weekend. Saturday morning after doughnuts with Daddy, we headed a whopping two whole blocks over to the Hattiesburg Zoo. The children were so excited. I have many more pictures on the computer, but our Internet is still acting funny. I sure will be glad not to have to blog from my phone anymore ;)

This sign cracked me up! You don't have to worry about this girl tossing anything to the alligators!

Story had never been to the zoo before, so it was really sweet to see the zoo through her eyes for the first time! She loved seeing all the animals.

The tiger was actually out walking around while we were there. When Carter and I went to the zoo back in the fall with his class, we could barely see her. She's massive to me, but according to one of our church friends who works at the zoo, she's actually pretty small!

After seeing all the animals, we went to our favorite part of the zoo, the splash pad! The children had so much fun running through the fountains! David and I loved watching them play and shriek with delight! After playing and eating treats, we headed back home for naps.
On Sunday, David's big day, we enjoyed doughnuts together at church. After church, we went to one of our favorite eats in Hattiesburg, Newks. For Father's Day, we gave David a membership to the dollar shave club, a new watch, and some handmade keepsakes from the children. I tweeted at some point during the day: happy Father's Day, @davemo44! The Lord has used you to redeem this day and make it so sweet. I love watching you be Daddy to our four loves. David loves me and our children completely and selflessly. It was an honor and privilege to celebrate him on this special day. Happy Father's Day, babe. We love you to the moon and back a whole bunch of times!
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Last week our family got to experience history in the making. Sunday after naps, we loaded up our Krewe and headed to big easy, one of our most favorite places ever. I think I've mentioned that before. The Southern Baptist Convention was held in New Orleans this year. As far as history goes, the first African American president was voted, Dr.Fred Luter. David I attended his church our very first Sunday upon moving to NOLA in 2003. Also voted on at this convention was an addition to the name, SBC. The addition being Great Commission Baptists. I don't involve myself too much in the polity of the convention, but I loved being there in the midst of two historical events. Now, about our time in the big easy!

After quickly catching a ride on the hotel cart, I mean checking into our hotel room, we headed over to the convention center, where the Southern Baptist Convention was being held.

However, my husband likes to fly by the seat of his pants. I love this about him. Most of the time. On our way to the SBC we just couldn't pass up this place. So we promptly stopped for supper! It was awesome. I had a shrimp po' boy with my name all over it!

The convention lasted until Wednesday. The girls were in childcare for the entire time, and Carter got to attend a mini camp. It didn't begin until Tuesday though, so he got to experience part of the convention with us. I took this picture of him while we were at a luncheon for NAMB, North American Mission Board. Carter really had no idea of all that was going on around him, but he was a really good sport and got to hear some really amazing pastors speak, including our friend David Platt. Awesome.

Tuesday during lunch, I attended the lunch for Pastor's wives. It was a sweet time of fellowship with some dear friends from seminary. I am so sad I didn't take time to get a picture. At one of the women's events, I was also able to hear Pam Tebow speak, and she was completely charming and adorable! David took Carter out to lunch, just the boys, while I was at the pastor's wives events. What a good daddy!

One night while we were in NOLA, we went out to eat with our dear friend, Guy. He and Lindsey were our neighbors at seminary, and then he and David did a one year internship together at First Baptist Atlanta. We ate at New Orleans Food & Spirits, one of our favorites. Carter took the above picture of Story and me while we were waiting on our table.
Our time in New Orleans was wonderful. I loved being in a city so special to David and me with our family. I loved seeing so many sweet friends from college, seminary, and FUGE. My heart was truly full when we left.
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Friday, June 22, 2012

He's growing way too fast.

Our Internet has been showing out, and we've been on the go, so I have lots to blog. Too much to do from my phone for sure, as the internet still isn't up to par yet. However, I do want to share about how fast our not so little fella seems to be growing. Carter seriously has the best hair in our family, these darling chestnut curls that frame his handsome face. I fight for those curls to stay, too. Well, he was way overdue for a hair cut, but with the end of school and summer travels we just hadn't made the time for it. Big mistake. Huge. Our little fella took matters into his own hands, quite literally. Yes. He cut his hair. Yes. I flipped out. No. I'm not proud of it. And yes I apologized to him. Wouldn't you know it happened on a Saturday night with church being the next morning? Of course! We called our dear friend Bridget, and she came to our rescue. Sort of. She had to use the clippers. Gasp!
Here are some before and after pictures.

Look at that handsome head of hair!

Look at that still handsome boy with super short hair! Yes, he cut all the way up to his hairline. Thankfully, he cut it in a straight line ;). He was super embarrassed about what he did, so we haven't really made a big deal out of it. Well, not since it happened that is. He asked me not to tell anyone, but since he doesn't read my blog maybe it's okay to write about it here?

Then, just a few weeks after the hair debacle, his top teeth were somehow knocked loose during a game at church. I don't ask. Sometimes, it's better not to, right?

And just a few days later his first top tooth came out!! The tooth fairy was caught off guard, but thankfully she found a disposable camera in her stash along with a couple of dollars, whew! He was happy as can be with the loot he found under his pillow the next morning! I can't wait to develop the pictures he took while we were in New Orleans for the Southern Baptist Convention. Lots more summertime fun posts coming as soon as our Internet is up and running again.

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