Friday, September 26, 2014

Field trip to the farm!

What a wild week this has been at our house, and it's not even over yet! On Wednesday, Tilly went on a field trip to the farm with her class.  
She was so excited for her very first ride on the Bobcat Express, which would take them to Seminary for their fun-filled day.  Sadly, I didn't get to join Tilly on her special day because I took Carter and Summer to the MAIS swim meet in Jackson.  
Thankfully, Tilly has a sweet teacher who took the time to send me a picture of their class during the day.  
Tilly had the most fun playing on the farm, and I am so thankful she was able to go on such a fun adventure with her class.  

Monday, September 22, 2014

Will say "Arrgghh" for doughnuts!

Last Friday, one of our precious college girls made plans to pick up our big 3 from school and take them to Krispy Kreme for dress like a pirate for free doughnuts day! 
She made their cute costumes the night before, and they had no idea what was happening after school except a big surprise.  We've learned not to tell them about fun events too far in advance, ha!  Friday is a big test day for Carter and Summer, and we didn't want to them to be too distracted from their work.  Needless to say, when Miss Sarah picked them up in car line, instead of Momma they knew they were in for some fun! 
They went right after school hoping to beat the crowd, and it worked out perfectly.  
Carter, Summer, and Tilly were so excited when they came home with their pirate booty!  Each person dressed as a pirate received an entire dozen of glazed doughnuts for free.  Don't worry, we shared with some friends.  Thank you, Miss Sarah, for loving our family so well and for treating our children to a fun afternoon.  We love you! 

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Sweet Teas!

Since we first moved to Hattiesburg almost three years ago, I have been meaning to get the girls involved in a program in our town called Sweet Teas.  This is a group of  girls ages preK-6th grade who meet once a month, do fun activties and make a mark in our community through acts of love and service.  
This year, thanks to some help from a sweet friend, I finally remembered and got us signed up.  We went to our first event last Saturday and had the best time.  Originally, it was supposed to be at the Coca-Cola Company, but the weather caused us to have to move to the parking garage beside the hospital.  
The girls got to make bracelets and meet Mary Poppins.  
And even have their picture taken with her if they wanted! Tilly thought this was so cool! In February, Mary Poppins will be performed at the Saenger Theater in our town, and the Sweet Teas will get to attend a "Spoon Full of Sugar" tea with the cast of characters! So fun! 
Me with my girls proudly wearing our favorite team colors! 
Another neat thing the girls got to do was to learn a routine from the cheerleaders and flagline girls who were there.  Tilly was so precious to watch! 
I love this picture so much.  She had this big open mouth smile on her face the whole time, and her pretty little brown eyes just shone with excitement.  
So precious! 
And here are the Sweet Teas (well the ones who agreed to have their picture taken - you'll notice Story is missing!) for this school year.  We are excited to be a part of such a neat organization that makes an impact in our community! 

Monday, September 08, 2014

Labor Day Weekend fun!

We kicked our Labor Day weekend off a day early because I took Friday off! 
This girl.  She's my car pool buddy, and I am loving our time together just us in the afternoons while the big 3 are at school for the full day.  Anyway, Thursday night, she, Carter and I were getting ready for our big trip to Georgia to see Mama and T for the weekend.  
We were awfully sad not to be taking these two pretty girls with us, but David was not a fan of me taking all four children on a 9 hour drive alone, ha! Plus, we didn't want them to miss their very first pep rally and spirit day of the year!  
Seriously, how cute are they?!?  So Carter, Story and I dropped the girls off in the car line, and after the Bobcat football players got them out of the car (!) we hit the road headed East to Mama's house! 
Story did a whole lot of this on our trip.  She's so my kid.  My favorite place to sleep is in the car! On the way there, we stopped for a quick bathroom break just before we got on the interstate right at the AL/MS border.  Then, for lunch we stopped at CFA in Montgomery.  This is always my stop for lunch when I make this trip.  It's about halfway, and between Mobile and Montgomery there just isn't much at all.  
I wasn't planning to stop again so soon, but these two begged and begged to stop at the peach orchard in Fort Valley, GA.  I have to share this story.  I didn't want to stop.  I just wanted to press on and be there, but something in my gut kept saying just stop, it won't hurt! So, I did.  And you know what?  We missed a HUGE wreck that happened just minutes after we went inside!  That momma gut is real, friends.  Carter and I enjoyed peach ice cream, while Story enjoyed her chocolate.  
And then we hit the road again.  See what I mean about Story!  We made it to Mama's house just after 6 her time, so well before dark, which made me so happy.  
One of Carter's favorite things to do with Mama is to watch the Braves, and it just worked out perfectly that we made it just in time for the game.  I hope he will always remember doing this with her.  So precious! I almost forgot to share. . . Mama often sleeps on the daybed in the corner of the den at night. Well, for two nights Carter and Story insisted on making pallets and sleeping in the den with her.  Be still my heart.  Such a sweet memory! 
Saturday was opening day for college football, so of course we had to put on our game day clothes, especially since we were in Georgia and all.  Cousin Keri and her boyfriend (gasp!) came over with her parents to watch the games with us at Mama's house.  And what a great game it was!  Much better than last season's opener against Clemson.  
Sunday, everyone met in town at Mama's favorite restaurant, Ocean Galley, for lunch.  On the way back to Mama's house,  I noticed that there wasn't much traffic coming and going and no cars were parked in front of the general store, so I wanted to snap a quick picture of Carter and Story.  
I've shared about this store before on here, but it belonged to my great grandfather, and I love that it's still standing.  As we were leaving Carter said to me, "Momma, it's so cool that a store is named after me!" More like the other way around, ha! 
Sunday afternoon while Story napped, Carter and I rode over to the house where I grew up.  Usually, there is someone renting it, but it's vacant for now, so the two of us got to hang out over there for a bit.  It's been years since I've been over there, and I was amazed at the rush of memories that flooded as soon as we drove down the driveway.  It was fun to show Carter my old room and give him a tour of the house.  
The driveway leading to my house.  One Easter, my mom, sister and I planted the dogwood trees you see lining the path.  I thought those trees would never grow!  They are so tall now that you can barely see the house at the end of the driveway.  Carter, Story and I left Monday morning pretty early to head home.  We made far fewer stops this go round, ha!  We were all ready to be with the other half of our party of six.  We had a great visit at home with Mama, T and Hart, and our extended family.  I am thankful we took the time to go.  It's always good to go home. . .