Sunday, May 27, 2012

Happy 6th birthday, Carter!

I honestly feel like I just wrote this post about your fifth birthday, and here you are another year older, another year cuter, another year wiser, and another year intertwined in our hearts.  This has been a big year  for you, Carter, and your daddy and I are amazed at how you have handled so many new things that have come your way with such big poise for such a little guy.  We won't go for your check up until later in the summer, so I won't have your stats, but let's look back on this year, and see what you've been up to.
We celebrated your fifth birthday with just the six of us.  Here you are at home opening your presents.  I love this sweet look on your face.  
 We've been gardening for the last three summers.  This is something that you and daddy love to do together.  Here you are with one of our coolers full of potatoes.  It won't be long until we dig up our potatoes at our new house.
 We spent lots of time at Miss Pat's pool last summer.  You and the girls love the water.
 I love this pictures so much because it is just our life.  Daddy and I did not get the memo about the red shirts, and here are you and Summer front and center at a wonderful VBS y'all attended last summer.  You both had so much fun!
We took a family vacation with Papa and Gigi and the Calhouns to Grayton Beach and had a wonderful time together.  You got your first ever hermit crab and named him Josh.  
You went on your first mission trip with Daddy to Wyoming last July.  The girls and I stayed in Arkansas with Papa and Gigi.  You had so much fun on this trip.  
 I love this picture of you so much.  You are on your way to your new school for the very first day.  I love the excitement on your face.
 Here you are outside Miss Sandy's Kindergarten classroom at Powder Springs First Baptist Church.  We were only there for 6 weeks, but you loved your friends and your teacher so much.
I just love this picture of us just because.  
The Lord called our family to move from our home in Georgia to a new home in Mississippi.  This is one of our last visits to see T in Athens.  I love all of you in your UGA attire.  
 Here you are with your sisters on the last day before we moved to Mississippi.
 And you literally started school the very next day!  Here you are on your first day of  Kindergarten at Presbyterian Christian School in Hattiesburg, Mississippi.  Carter this is one of the things that has amazed your daddy and me.  You and your sisters handled our move to Hattiesburg so very well!  You didn't miss a beat with the transition, and we will be forever grateful to all who prayed specifically for the four of you in our move.  God truly answered these prayers.
We took a family vacation to New Orleans before Daddy started his new job.  Here we are at Krispy Kreme, one of our favorite stops.  
 Your Thanksgiving program at PCS.
 During the fall, you and Daddy spent many Friday afternoons and Saturdays in the deer woods.  You love to spend time with your daddy!
 The three of you helped me to decorate Daddy's birthday cake in November.
 I took the three of you to the PCS homecoming parade.  Y'all had so much fun!
 Your first field trip with your new class was to the Hattiesburg Zoo.  I was so thankful to be able to go with you as a chaperone.
Papa and Gigi came to visit us in Hattiesburg not long after we moved.  We took them to our favorite Catfish restaurant in Moselle, first introduced to us by our sweet friends, the McDonalds.  
 Daddy and I took the four of you to Mardi Gras in New Orleans.  We had so much fun going to the parades.
 You lost your first tooth!  Your second tooth came out a couple of months later.
 You played Upward basketball this year, and daddy was your coach.  You thought it was so cool!
 You have learned to read this year, and it has been so much fun to watch you becoming more confident in reading.
You participated in Boosterthon at school.  You ran 35 laps, all without stopping!  We were so proud of you!
 For spring break we traveled to Arkansas and Georgia, all in the same week.  We were busy.  Here you are playing while we were in Georgia.  Daddy was attending a Sunday School conference, and we went along for the ride and played a lot.
 We also got to meet our new cousin, McKinley Jade.
 You and Story on a slide in Arkansas while we were visiting Papa and Gigi.
Your class went on a field trip to Krispy Kreme.  You love doughnuts, love them!
 Easter, 2012.
 Another class trip to Blooms and Bushes.  We brought your Zinnia plants home and planted them in the backyard.
 In May, we celebrated Story's 2nd birthday at the jump house.
 You made this beautiful frame for me for Mother's Day.
 I regret not taking your picture with your first teacher, Miss Sandy, but here you are with Mrs. Gibson on the night of your Kindergarten graduation. I cannot get over how grown up you look!
 Kindergarten Graduation, PCS, May 21, 2012.
Family pictures in the park the week before your birthday.  The four of you love your daddy so much!  
Happy birthday, Carter!  Daddy and I are amazed by how quickly the time is passing in your little life.  It seems as though we just brought you home from the hospital, not having a clue as to what we were doing as parents.  It does not seem possible that you can already be six years old!  We are so very proud of the young man you are growing up to be.  You have a compassion and love for people that is far beyond your years.  I love the way you help and look after your sisters.  I love how you always want to be doing whatever your daddy is doing.  I love how you hug and kiss me every day before you leave for school and every night before bed.  I wonder when you will be too big for that.  I love that you still let me hold your hand.  I love that you are beginning to ask deep spiritual questions about Jesus and eternity.  I love that you enjoy school and make friends easily.  I love that we were able to be a part of so many wonderful things over this past year.  I love that you are healthy and happy.  I love that you are ours.  You were the first one to make us parents, and your daddy and I would both agree it is one of the greatest gifts in our entire lives.  
We love you to the moon and back, Carter Stokes O'Dell!