Sunday, September 29, 2013

Our week in iPhone pictures.

This past week was busy and full of fun, and there were definitely some memorable moments along the way, ha!

I snapped this picture of Story on Tuesday.  She was helping me to look for a match to one of my shoes.  Shame!  Don't worry, it caused me to organize my shoes later that day, ha!  
Just after her helping me to find my shoes, moments before two sweet senior adult ladies were to arrive at our house to take us to lunch, Story says to me, "Mommy, the rock is still in my nose."  I'm thinking: what do you mean still?  And what rock!?!?  Our little bit put this rock up her nose Monday at school, and decided that she should tell me on Tuesday.  What!!  I did what any good momma would do.  I panicked and called Daddy!  Luckily, he was close by and came home to assess the damage.  And literally, right as he got home, she blew her nose and rock fell right out.  We put it in our jar of rocks that we have been collecting from our shoes.  That one is definitely going back on the playground, whew! 

There is a new sitting wall around the playground at the school.  Here is Tilly enjoying a Popsicle during recess with some of her sweet friends.  

And here is Summer!  I love that the school sends us pictures of our littles throughout the day.  

Carter is loving piano!  This week was extra exciting because he learned the white keys!  Wednesday morning, he sat down to practice, and his little sisters pulled up their chairs to listen.  Usually, when he is practicing, we make them play in their rooms, so as not to distract him, so they were quite captivated as you can tell!  

We have been praying hard for this little guy, P.  He has his second major heart surgery on Wednesday, and is already back at home!  Amazing!  You will know him better as Ella's baby brother.  

And here is his precious twin, M.  

Wednesday, this is how I found Story during nap time.  So precious.  She loves napping on our bed when she is the only one at home.  

After school Wednesday, this cutie rode home with us for a while since her mom was at the hospital with her brother and her daddy was in class!  We love Ella time!

Thursday night, we went to Carter's baseball game.  His game on Tuesday was rained out, so he was super excited to play.  He went 2-3 and scored once.  He also got to play second base for the first time, so that was really exciting!

During the game, Tilly asked me to take a selfie of us!  So cute, she is!

I heart this picture so much!  
Saturday was a day for birthday parties.  Tilly went to a painting party for her friend, and Carter went to a swim party for a set of twins in his class at school.  
Tilly and her cute friend, K, from school.  K's mom was telling me that K got a new kitten last week, and she named her kitten Tilly!  I love it!
Here is the birthday girl, H.  Tilly and H have a special connection because not only do they both wear glasses, but they both also wear eye patches.  I love that the Lord saw fit to place them in the same class this year.  
Tilly at the party.  She wanted to make sure I got a picture of her with her party hat.  
And the finished product!  So cute!  As you can tell, it's never a dull moment around these parts.  Oh, and did you know that Georgia beat LSWhooo Saturday!  How exciting!  I may or may not have peed my pants jumping up and down when we scored that last touchdown, ha!  Go dawgs!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Weekend fun!

This past weekend was pretty low key, which was nice.  October is going to come with a vengeance!  
This little guy got some new baseball gear, and he couldn't be more excited about it!  It pays to miss spring ball and play fall ball.  All the goods are on sale!
Friday at school was spirit day, and the children got to wear camo to school in preparation for the pep rally.  They were so excited!  And cute!
And that's more like it.  
David meets with a group of guys on Fridays morning, so he came home as we were getting ready.  They are always sooo excited to see him!  Love it!
Story's class wore red to school on Friday.  Last week, it was blue.  This week it is green.  It definitely makes for a fun way to learn colors!  Saturday, we hung around the house and watched football most of the day.  That evening we had a party with the young married class at our church.  It was so much fun!  
Sunday was a great day of worship, and we had 8 new people join our church!  So exciting!  David could hardly talk for grinning so big!  We had lunch with Mr. Landon after church.  He's our children's pastor, and we just adore him.  
Sunday afternoon, David and I took turns going to the gym while the children napped.  Then, we headed out for a quick supper and groceries.  The fab four thought they were so big sitting at the kid table all by themselves.  Sigh.  They are getting way too big too fast!  

Friday, September 20, 2013

Little bobcats!

Towards the end of the summertime, our oldest two girls participated in cheerleading camp at our school.  Summer and Tilly LOVED it.  There's a whole post on it somewhere around here.  Since then, we have been practicing our cheers and looking forward to school and spirit days.  
I had a major #momfail a couple of weeks ago and didn't fully read the email and paper that came home about the first spirit day at school.  We have been looking forward to spirit days all summer long.  Shame.  I assumed that it would be on Friday like all of them are, but noooo, the first one was on a Thursday.  I spent the next week trying to make up for my mistake.  And fix it, I did.  Thanks to some super sweet and generous friends, I was able to find the girls all PCS cheer uniforms.  They were so excited.  Now, we just have to locate a jersey for Carter.  Thankfully, he doesn't seem too worried about it.  
This particular successful spirit day, I was subbing at the school, which was so much fun because not only was I able to experience the day with the children, but I was also able to capture some of the moments on camera.  Tilly with her BFF.  
Tilly's teacher, Mrs. M, painting up all the boys and girls in preparation for the big pep rally.  
Tilly's cute little Kindergarten class at PCS.  
Summer's class got to come out after finishing their morning work to get painted up, too.  
And as if that weren't enough fun for one day, that evening, Summer and Tilly got to participate in the Bobcat walk with the real cheerleaders. They were so cute and so excited!  Tilly was a little unsure at first, but Summer was ALL in.  So sweet!
You see my girls?  
Story looks like some 80s cheerleader with her side ponytail and neon bracelets.  Side note.  She only wants a side ponytail, so don't even think of putting one in the back.  David.  Bless him.  Had to do her hair one day last week.  I love that he even brushed it and put it in a ponytail.  Story told him (insert sassy Story voice), "Daddy, that is not how mommy does it!" I asked him if he put the ponytail on the side to which he replied, "no!"  I gave him a knowing smile.  
At the beginning of the second quarter, my sweet girls cheered on the sidelines of the big game with the real cheerleaders.  It was so precious to watch.  When my sister and I were little, our mom was the cheerleading sponsor at SHS, so we have many fond memories of cheering on Friday nights with the older girls.  So special for a little one.  
Summer and one of her sweet friends, C.  
And here's a video because I know you're just dying to see these sweet girls in action.  Great job, Summer and Tilly!  We are so proud of you!  There is another spirit day today, camo day.  I am sure I will have pictures to share!  

Monday, September 16, 2013

Cast free!

Well, once again our Tilly girl is cast-free.  Last Thursday morning, after cancelling her appointment twice during the week for various reasons, David took Tilly to have her cast removed.  
As you can tell from the picture, she was pretty excited for this day to come!  
Tilly's bones are not healing in as straight of a manner as the doctor would like, so she will wear her removable cast for two weeks, and we will come back in four weeks for another xray.  Thank you for praying with us that her little arm would heal completely and that her bones would grow back together perfectly straight.  That's our prayer!  
After school, we celebrated with slushes from Sonic with a sweet and special friend!  

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Play me a song!

We have a piano man in our house!  Carter started piano lessons on Wednesday afternoon at our church.  For a while, we have been toying around with when to start, and after seeking wisdom of several musically inclined folks, we decided to wait until this year.  He was so excited!  Yesterday morning before I took him to school, he told me: Now, Momma, you're going to have to clean off the piano, so I can practice!  Sadly, the top of our piano has become a catch all for stuff at our house.  
Miss Patience is his teacher, and according to David she is more than appropriately named!  
Tonight when we came home from church, Carter wanted to play the three songs that he is learning for us.  He did such a great job!  
David filmed this little video this afternoon of Carter playing at the end of his first lesson.  I am so excited about introducing Carter to the piano.  I took for 7 years when I was growing up, and I desperately wish that I had stuck with it.  I hope this is something that Carter enjoys.  In the meantime, we are just going to enjoy watching him learn and listening to him play.  

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Hey batter, batter!

Carter has been wanting to play baseball for a long time now.  For the last couple of years, he has talked of little else in regards to sports.  We somehow missed the whole t-ball phase.  I guess that had something to do with four littles in four years.  I don't know, ha! By the time we halfway caught our breath, he was all ready for Coach pitch ball, so here we are!  Last February we missed the sign ups for spring ball because we were in WDW, totally worth it, but we felt terrible!  We were bound and determined not to miss fall ball sign ups.  
The Tuesday after Labor Day, Carter had his very first practice.  
Sadly due to a meeting, David couldn't be there, but the girls and I were all there to cheer on our favorite baller.  They are still practicing their cheers from the summertime, so cute!
Twins team huddle on the pitcher's mound after their first (and only) practice.  
Thursday night we headed to Purvis for his first game ever.  For his first at bat, he got a base hit!  We were sooo excited.  My favorite was after he got to the base, he looked over at us and waved.  Precious.  
These last few pictures, I took with my real camera.  The other ones were with my iPhone, which I tend to use most of the time these days, ha!  Carter and Daddy warming up before the big game.  
I'm pretty sure she is his #1 fan.  She loves him so.  The other night he was horsing around in his room and got a big splinter in his foot.  David and I had to cut it out of his heel.  Summer sat on the bed with Carter and rubbed his arm and patted his head the entire time.  So sweet!
Carter spent time in left and right field during the game.  While he was playing left field a ball was hit to the outfield, he grounded the ball, threw it to second base and made an out!  It was awesome!  
How cute is he in the on-deck circle!  He looked so sweet in his baseball uniform and had so much fun during his game.  David and I were so very proud of him!  Great job, buddy!  We love you so much!

Monday, September 09, 2013

Labor Day weekend fun!

Well, I'm a whole week late posting on our Labor Day weekend fun, but there are too many sweet memories not to document.  Our fun started one day early.  Thursday, which happened to be the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, we met some super sweet friends from seminary for lunch.  Definitely appropriate!
One thing I love about where we live is that so many of our dear friends have to pass through our town in order to get to the beach.  Lucky for us because we usually get to see lots of sweet faces during the summer season!  Our friends, the Burkes, were passing through on their way to beach and wanted to know if we'd like to meet.  Ummmm, yeah!  They needn't ask twice!  
Guy and Lindsey (don't tell her I posted a picture of her with her eyes closed!) were our neighbors at seminary in New Orleans for two years, and we were all together in Atlanta for the boys' one year internship at First Baptist Atlanta, so fun!  
They are some of our favorite people, and I am so thankful that David and Guy have been able to get together pretty often now that we are living in Mississippi.  Story loved getting to meet Evan and Addison.  In fact, we have been back to Newks since our lunch with the Burkes, and Story asked me if Addison was going to be there!  Too sweet! 
Friday, I had the privilege of subbing at the children's school!  Such a treat to be able to see them in their school setting.  Summer loves to hang out with me during recess.  Such a sweet girl.  
Carter wanted to me take a picture of his playground skills!  Love that.  
Friday night, some special people came to town for the weekend.  Papa and Gigi!!!  The children were over the moon with excitement!  And yes, once again, I shamefully failed to take a picture of them with the children.  Fail.  Thankfully, we had lots of fun and made lots of memories.  
Saturday, we tailgated for the first USM football game with some of our church friends.  Story with her sweet friend, Mallory.  
David and Mr. Jessie.  He's a piece of gold, and we love him to pieces.  Few people work harder at HSBC than this sweet man.  
Annnnnd, since Papa and Gigi were in town, David and I were able to attend our very first game at the rock, so fun!  Not only did we get to go, but we had really great seats.  Even better!
We stayed through the first quarter, but then we had to hurry home because the dawgs were playing at 7:00, and we definitely didn't want to miss that.  Sadly, it did not turn out in our favor, but this weekend we definitely redeemed ourselves.  
Sunday, David and I got to have a date day.  After lunch, we sent the children home for naps with Papa and Gigi, and we just hit the town.  We shopped and piddled around town before heading to supper at one of our favorites, Crescent City Grill.  We are so thankful to Papa and Gigi for allowing us to spend some much needed alone time.  You don't really realize how tired you are until you have a break, ha!  Monday, we grilled out yummy steaks and chicken for lunch before they had to hit the road for home.  Long weekends are the best, but you sure do spend the rest of the week recovering from them.  Maybe that's why it has taken me a whole week to get this post up!