Monday, October 27, 2014

Field trip with Carter to Mitchell Farms.

About a week ago, I had the privilege of going with Carter and the entire second grade at PCS on a field trip to Mitchell Farms.  It was my first time to visit this fun place, and it did not disappoint.  
 Me with my favorite little fella before all the fun began.  
 Carter's second grade class.  
 Carter and one of his classmates having fun on the playground at the farm.  There were so many fun things to do.  
 Next, we took a tractor ride around the farm.  How stunning are these sunflowers!  
 Carter's class is lined up ready for the train ride.  
 Sweet friends. 
 Carter's amazing teacher, Mrs. Newman.  He adores her! 
 This year, I have been an assistant in a second grade class at PCS and am privileged to work with this pretty lady every day.  She has become such a precious friend to me! 
And so has this sweet lady, another assistant at PCS and fellow lover of all things Georgia Bulldogs! We had such a great day at Mitchell Farms.  Lucky me, I get to go back two more times before the season is over! 

Thursday, October 09, 2014

Summer's profession of faith!

Church, ministry, the Bible, Jesus, and God are all a very big part of our family's daily life.  We send our children to a private Christian school, by choice.  Our children are at the church most every time the doors are open. However, we don't take it for granted that all of our children freely accept the free gift offered to them at salvation.  Our son, Carter, made a profession of faith over a year ago and was baptized last April.  Since then, our daughter, Summer, has been very curious about her faith and having a relationship with Christ.  She has had many conversations with her daddy and me, her grandparents, her teachers at school, and her Sunday school teachers about this relationship.  We have thought she was ready for a while to take the step, but we did not want to push in any way, so we waited.  And waited.  
This past Saturday night, the children were bathed and ready for bed.  David and I were folding clothes in the dining room, and he left to go pray with the children before they fell asleep.  Unless he is out of town or at a meeting of sorts, he prays with our children every night.  This particular night, he was taking forever.  I teased him later about trying to get out of folding clothes.  I knew when he came down the hallway though that something remarkable had happened.  It was all over his face.  
Most of you have never had the privilege of praying with our daughter, Summer, but she prays the sweetest, most sincere prayers.  On Saturday night, she prayed the most important prayer of all.  She prayed to ask Jesus to be her Savior.  And on Sunday morning, she walked down the aisle and prayed with her daddy at the front of the church.  
It was such a sweet moment for our family, one we will never forget, and thanks to modern technology, we never have to.  After he and Summer prayed, David shared with our church family of Summer's decision.  He told the church that Summer told him that the reason she wanted to become a Christian was so that she could tell others about Jesus. 
We had a little family photo shoot after church to commemorate the big event.  I love this picture of me with my girl.  She has been grinning ear to ear since her profession.  
Sweet sisters.  
The three girls.  I am sad I didn't make Carter come out to take a picture with Summer, too.  On her baptism day, I will be sure to do it! 
Summer and David.  Summer, we are so very proud of this decision you have made to follow Jesus.  We pray that He will capture your heart and cause you to do amazing things for His kingdom and His glory.  We love you to the mon and back a whole bunch of times! 

Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Mini Cheer Camp at PCS!

This summertime, the three girls participated in the mini cheer camp at PCS for the second summer in a row.  They had so much fun! One of the perks of attending the camp is that all the little girls get to cheer at a home football game during the regular season.  
Friday night, we loaded up, so the girls could cheer on the field.  They were so excited! 
This is blurry, but I love this picture of Story and me.  She opted not to cheer on the sidelines, but she assured me that she would do it next year!  Story is not a fan of Boomer the Bobcat, so she didn't want to be anywhere close to him.  
Tilly, on the other hand, seems to have gotten over her fear of Boomer and was so excited about the big event! 
Before the game, the little cheerleaders lined up with the big cheerleaders for the Bobcat Walk before the game.  Here is Tilly and one of her classmates and friends. 
The weather was just perfect.  Fall came for the weekend here in South Mississippi, but it has definitely left us again, ha! 
Summer really cheered her little heart out.  She remembered most of the words and moves to every cheer.  So sweet! 
And Tilly did what Tilly does best, she found a friend, and they were stuck like glue for the rest of the cheer time.  
Summer was front and center and did such a great job! 
Tilly and her new friend.  
We had such a fun time watching our little cheerleaders do their thing, and we loved cheering on our Bobcats! 

Monday, October 06, 2014

PCS Homecoming!

A few weeks ago, we received a phone call from Dakota Wallace, a junior at PCHS, asking if Tilly would be her flower girl for Homecoming!  We were so shocked and honored and excited! And clueless, ha! 
Tilly had several duties to perform during her reign as Dakota's flower girl.  
Tilly's first duty was to ride with her Homecoming Maid in the parade on Friday afternoon.  
David and I found this sweet dress at Dillard's the week before just in case the dress that my mom ordered from China didn't arrive in time.  It did arrive, but it was Friday afternoon and wrinkled beyond my repair, ha!  So grateful for a back up plan! 
Papa and Gigi got up early, early Friday morning in order to drive to our house in time for the parade.  It was so special having them here for this event! 
Here comes Tilly and Dakota! 
I love this picture of Carter waving to Boomer the Bobcat for candy.  
Pretty girls after the parade.  So, once the parade was over, we hurried the flower girl home for a quick nap before the main event that night.  
Here is our beautiful flower girl in her dress and shoes from T and Mama.  So sweet! 
Our three girls.  
The sun was just beautiful beaming down.  
She wanted a picture of her holding her dress like a princess.  
Tilly and Momma.  We left early to get to the gym because Tilly had to be there to take her pictures with Dakota before the game.  
Tilly and two more sweet flower girls.  
Professional picture time.  
Tilly and Dakota. 
Tilly makes friends wherever she goes.  I love that about her.  She takes after her daddy, for sure! 
Tilly and her friend, Hannah.  
Another job Tilly had for the night was doing the Bobcat walk with the other flower girls and maids.  
So sweet. 
I love how she is looking up Dakota so sweetly.  
And this may be one of my most favorite pictures of the night.  Summer ran to catch up with Tilly and walk with her.  I cannot say enough about how proud I am of Summer and Story, but mostly Summer and the way she handled Tilly getting to do something so special.  Summer was genuinely excited for Tilly and so gracious in her attitude.  Melts my momma heart.  
Our Tilly girl.  
The whole court.  How stunning is the sky in the background! 
Tilly and Mrs. Gory, one of the Kindergarten assistants at school.  
Tilly and me right before the girls lined up to go out onto the field.  
Sweet little flower girls.  Not long after this picture was taken, a player on the other team was badly injured.  An ambulance had to come and get him.  It should also be noted that the time left on the clock was 3:16.  These sweet  little flower girls prayed for this young man and recited John 3:16 together, such a sweet moment.  The young man is fine and should make a full recovery.  
It's almost time! The girls had to line up at mid field and walk down the fifty yard line to meet up with their Homecoming Maid.  
Tilly did a great job, and we could not be more proud of her and for her.  This was such a fun weekend for our little family!