Saturday, March 24, 2012

Pink Heart Funds.

In August of 2010, I donated my hair for the first time to Locks of Love.  You can read about that post here.    Several of my girlfriends I taught with had done it, and I was so inspired that I wanted to give my hair, too.  Like so many families, mine has been impacted by cancer, and I felt this was just a small way I could contribute.  After I cut my hair that August, I never remember deciding in my mind I was going to grow it long to donate again, but that's just kind of what happened.  We got busy with life, made a big move, and before I knew it my hair had gotten long again.  Last weekend here in Mississippi, it was unseasonably hot, not even warm, just hot.  I knew it was time, ha!  The hair had to go.  I made an appointment with my friend, Bridget, who goes to our church and has cut the big three's hair.  I think I was a little nervous, but mostly just excited!  Have you ever transitioned to a new season of life, and then gotten your hair cut off?  It's freeing!  

David was at work, so I took my own before picture in the mirror in our dining room.  Not great photo quality, but you can get the idea.  
And here's the ponytail after Bridget cut it. I  wish I had thought to get my picture with Bridget after the cut, but it just never crossed my mind.  I think I was just too excited to get home and show my family the new do!  The children were so funny with their reactions.  Carter was so cute and sweet telling me he loved my new hair cut!  Summer told me that it looked terrible, but that she still loved it!  What does that even mean, ha?!?  Tilly, whispered really sweetly over and over, "I love your new hair cut, Momma."  Story did not know what to think!  She loved to play with my hair when it was long.  Throughout the day, she kept looking at me saying "Hair!  Where did it go?"  She would hold her hands out to the side as if asking a question, so cute.  First thing this morning when I got her up, she said, "Hair!"  David is always sweet and encouraging no matter what my hair looks like, but he tells me this is my best hair cut yet! Thanks, Bridget, I think it is a big hit!  

Here's my after picture, again not great quality.  This time, I donated my hair to a local charity based out of Gulfport, MS, called Pink Heart Funds.  Like Locks of Love, Pink Heart Funds provides wigs for people of any age, who have experienced hair loss due to illness.  The difference in the two organizations is that Pink Heart Funds provides the wigs for FREE!  How great is that?  For those of you who are thinking about growing your hair to donate, check out these two great organizations.  

Friday, March 23, 2012

Happy birthday, T!

Today, is my mom's birthday, so we wanted to wish her a happy birthday, blog style!  
Happy birthday, T!  We hope your day is so very special, as you are to us.  We love you and miss you!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Meeting McKinley.

Friday morning, the children and I hit the road early headed north to Cleveland, Georgia, so we could meet the newest member of our family.  We were finally able to meet McKinley.  The children were so sweet.  
This picture reminds me of the big 3 not so long ago meeting their baby sister, Story, for the first time.  
There's just nothing like a new baby!  I love Summer and Tilly's little faces at their look at the sweet, sleeping babe.  
Is there anything more perfect?  I think not!  She is so tiny, a whopping 3 pounds smaller than Carter and Summer were at this age!  
She was a really good sport and didn't seem at all overwhelmed by our fabulous four.  
Story was oh so sweet with her.  She kept saying in this really cute, New Orleans' accent, "Hey baby!"  I love it!  
Story kept pointing to her eyes, nose, mouth, and head, naming each part as she went.  
This was my most favorite picture of the entire day.  Look at that.  So much is being said with Tilly's big brown eyes and her gentle touch.  I love love love the way she is looking at McKinley.  
And then she woke up!  Look at how alert she is.  I think she looks so much like her big sister, Haleigh.  
McKinely, we are so thankful we were finally able to meet you and hold you.  Next time we see you, you will be so much bigger and will have learned so many new tricks.  
When there's a baby, you know there are probably grandparents close by, and our trip was no different.  We got to see Mama and T, what a treat!  I didn't get a picture of T with the children, but I was able to capture a few with Mama.  Here are Carter and Summer with Mama.  
And here's Mama with her mini me, Tilly.  Can't you see they have the same pretty brown eyes?  I love that!  Tilly was pleading with me about something, I can't even remember what it was now, and Mama asked me, "How in the world do you refuse her?"  I'd say Mama is a little smitten with Miss Tilly!  Aren't we all?  

Monday, March 19, 2012

Spring break, 2012. Part two.

After returning home from Arkansas, we stayed in Mississippi for two days before hitting the road again, this time headed east for Georgia.  David had a conference in Atlanta, so the children and I tagged along, mostly because we wanted to be able to travel to my sister's house to meet the new baby.  (That's a whole post of its own.)  We arrived in ATL late Tuesday.  David's conference did not start until Thursday, so we were able to spend the day together on Wednesday.  Once again I did a stinky job of taking pictures of all that we did, but I will do my best to remember most of the details.  
Our children spent so much time in the car over the break, we felt it very important to use up some of that energy as were were able.  FBC Woodstock, where David's conference was held, has an incredible playground.  We spent some time there Wednesday morning.  
Summer taking a minute to smile for the camera.  
And Tilly, too.  
Carter had so much fun climbing the ropes.  
He and Summer climbed up to the top more than once.  They are definitely two peas in a pod.  Highly competitive, too!
Those of you who know Tilly well are aware of her telling facial expressions.  Love this face!  
The big 3 spent most of their time on the web of ropes, while Story wandered around doing her own thing.  We are thankful for her independence and content to play alone.  She entertains herself well!  
After time on the playground, we headed over to one of our favorite eats, Gabriel's, to meet Mr. Frank and Mrs. Shirley for lunch.  They are an older couple from our church in Austell, who have just really invested into our family.  David and I talk often about how we want to be a Frank and Shirley for a David and Heather when we grow up.  Oh, how they have blessed us!  
We did a little shopping for some spring clothes for the children after lunch, and then we met up with one of other friends, Emily, for supper at another favorite, Willy's.  Hattiesburg has so many great places to eat, but we are missing some of our favorites, so it was fun to eat at them while we were in ATL.  David and I met Emily in the summer of 2004, while working MFUGE in Nashville.  She moved to ATL not long after we did and has been such an encouragement to David and me.  Emily was at the hospital when all four of our children were born.  We love her dearly!  
Thursday, we met up with a group of ladies from our church, who were also in town for the conference and took them to IKEA, one of our favorite places ever!  After IKEA, David and the ladies headed back to the conference, and the children and I went over to our friend Tricia's house to spend some time.  We met Tricia, Nathan, and Emily while we were serving in Austell and just became really great friends with them.  It was refreshing to spend some time with them in their new home.  Friday morning, the children and I headed to Shelter Cove to meet our newest family member.  Don't you think an entire post should be dedicated to meeting McKinley?  I do!  

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Spring Break, 2012. Part one.

After 5 states, almost 2,000 miles, visits with both families, we are home.  Safely and thankful.  Spring break is over, but boy was it fun!  For the first leg of our break, we headed to Arkansas to see Papa, Gigi, and Aunt Karen.  I can't believe it, but we have not traveled to Arkansas since last summer, so we were long overdue for a visit.  It was short, but oh so sweet!  I did not do a great job of capturing very many posed photographs (with 4 children, it's a lot of work!), but I did manage to snap a few of my cuties.  
Carter and Summer.  She looks thrilled, and he's looking at something way more interesting over my shoulder, ha!
While we were outside playing, this little bird was talking on the roof and eventually got closer and closer. 
And closer, until he landed comfortably on Papa's shoulder.  The children were amazed!  
Someone is obviously missing a pet.  Papa walked to a couple of the neighbors' houses, but no one knew who he belonged to.  We went inside for supper, and after we came back out, he had left, so hopefully he found his way home.  
The next day, we went to play at the park.  Our children love love love playgrounds.  Most do!  Carter, Summer, and Tilly left to conquer the spider.  
Story and I stuck to the slide.  I had so much fun sliding with this sweet thing!  
Tilly rarely stops to smile at the camera, so I was loving that I caught this sweet one on camera!
Summer has mad upper body strength and loves to do the monkey bars!  David and I just watch in amazement!  
A picture of me with the 4 cuties.  So sad that Story is in the shade because it's rare to get them all looking AND smiling!
We sort of had a picnic lunch.  The children didn't want to stop long enough to eat much, but the food sure was delicious!  
The challenge of the day was the rock climbing wall.  Carter and Summer both mananged to defeat it!
After this picture, Summer proceeded to climb over the top and go down the other side.  No fear!
Love this handsome face!
Carter and Story zipping down the slide.  I'm pretty sure she won!
Papa and Gigi giving the fabulous four a ride on the merry-go-round.  
Thank you, Papa and Gigi, for a fun few days in Arkansas!  We loved spending time with you and look forward to seeing you both very soon.