Saturday, April 26, 2014

Easter Weekend.

We had a great Easter weekend.  It started with a bang.  Literally.  Our oven blew up, yikes!  I was so disappointed because I was looking forward to making our annual resurrection rolls and beginning a new tradition with a bunny cake.  Sigh.  
However, Resurrection Rolls were to be made.  At school.  In Tilly's class.  I felt like the  Lord was winking at me.  You know how he does that?  Then, my sweet co-worker blessed our family with the items needed for our bunny cake.  She even made the two round cakes for us to use!  
So, we had our bunny cake after all, thanks to the thoughtfulness of a sweet friend.  
David was out of town the couple of days leading up to Easter, so the children and I had the most fun decorating our bunny cake.  
Oh, they were so excited!  
And he turned out really cute, too!  Thursday after decorating our cake, Carter had a baseball game, so we all went.  That night, David made it back into town just hours before his parents pulled into our driveway as well.  It was a treat to have Papa and Gigi with us for Easter.  They had not been to visit for quite some time, so the children were beside themselves with joy and excitement! 
Good Friday morning, we didn't have school, and since Papa and Gigi were here I got to go with David to the annual FCA breakfast.  It was such a treat.  The speaker was Jennie Finch, a famous softball player and lover of Jesus.  She was such a great speaker!  
Saturday morning, David, Papa and the children rode out to the hunting land where David and Carter like to hunt.  They were on a mission to plant our persimmon trees.  
David wanted to plant the trees while his dad was in town hoping that this will be something the children will remember in the years to come.  
They all worked together and planted the trees.  
Carter even helped to dig the hole.  
Total, we were able to plant five trees.  Word is that deer love persimmons, so maybe we will increase our chances of getting some deer real soon!
Meanwhile, Gigi and I headed to the salon to get our fingernails painted and went out to lunch for sushi.  We got a gel manicure, which was a first for both of us.  I'm typing this blog a week later, and my nails are still looking great!  I'm a believer in the gel manicures, ha! 
We also ran to the mall to get a few treats for the children.  We got Story a pair of pretend glasses.  She loves them! 

I also picked up their goodies for their baskets.  

Sunday morning before church, I snapped some pictures of the children in their pretty clothes.  
David with the children on Easter Sunday.  
Carter, age 7.  
These two.  Oh, how they love each other! 
Tilly, age 5.  
The big 3 as I call them!

Summer, age 6.  
Story, age 3.  Also, over the picture-taking!
After church we snapped a few quick pictures with Papa and Gigi.  

Take 2 or maybe 10, ha!

I wanted to make sure I got a picture with my little loves, too.  
Sunday morning, the children's choir sang in big church.  It was so sweet!
Sunday afternoon, David and I got to head to New Orleans for the night, what a treat! 
We opted to fore go lunch and head on to the city.  With it being Easter Sunday, so many places were closed.  
We ended up at Byblos on Magazine Street for some Mediterranean food.  It was delicious!  

And just down the street, we enjoyed our first sno-ball of the season.  
So delicious! After our trek down Magazine, we headed over to check into our hotel before wandering into the French Quarter.  We stumbled onto a parade in the quarter that was something to behold, wow!  

For supper we headed to the Chartres House, so good! 
We had shrimp remoulade as an appetizer, and for supper I had a craw fish poboy, and David enjoyed red beans and rice.  
For dessert, we enjoyed some beignets from Cafe du Monde.  You can't come to the Big Easy without stopping for a beignet.  We went to bed really early and enjoyed 10 uninterrupted hours of sleep!  That has not happened in over a year! Glorious!  Thank you, Papa and Gigi for the gift of a night away in one of our favorite places.  
Happy Easter!  

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Spring Festival

Last weekend was a whirlwind blur, beginning Friday with the Wheel-A-Thon and Carter's baseball game.  Saturday was no joke either!
Carter and Summer ran their very first 5K on Saturday.  It was hosted by our church and all proceeds will benefit our world mission's offering.  So great!  Their official time was 55:45.  Not too shabby for no training at all!  After the 5K, Carter also participated in the 1 mile fun run!  Somebody needs to sign this boy up for track! 
After the race, our crew headed over to the zoo for some fun and an egg hunt.  I adore this picture of Story and one of her very favorite friends, Mallory.  Thanks, Kelly, for the sweet picture!

I was too busy yapping to take many pictures, but I did manage to get this one of Summer feeding the goats.  

One of the highlights of my day was taking one of my favorite friends and co-workers, Rebecca, come for the egg hunt with her three girls.  Here are Bela and Blaire with Story.  It was such a treat to spend the morning with these girls!

After the egg hunt, our church hosted a crawfish boil at the park.  So yum and so fun!  I enjoyed spending lots of time with this pretty girl.  
Sunday was another full day, too.  After church, Tilly went to a birthday party at the movies.  Carter went with David to a finance meeting.  Summer and Story went with me to a bridal shower I was helping to host!  Such a fun weekend!  

Tuesday, April 15, 2014


This past Friday, the big 3 participated in a Wheel-A-Thon at school to raise money for our playground. When Carter was in Kindergarten, we did something similar, but the children ran instead of rode.  This year, the children were encouraged to bring something to ride around the school.  
Tilly and her friend, Sidney getting ready to ride with their classmates.  
Mrs. Malone's Kindergarten class.  
My awesome, co-worker, Mrs. Gory, giving some Kindergartner girls a ride.  
Here's Carter getting ready to ride with his class.  
There he goes!
I am so thankful that David was able to come to the school and watch the children.  Such a great daddy, he is!
Carter and me!  
Summer quickly realized that she could run faster than the scooter, so she took off!  
Summer's class on Wheel-A-Thon day! 
And I can't forget this sweet thing.  She had class pictures at school today, so she asked to wear her favorite butterfly dress with her "sparkle" Toms.  
Friday night after the Wheel-A-Thon, Carter had a baseball game.  The weather was perfect!  
And they won for the very first time!  What a great start to what became a super busy weekend!