Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmastime in New Orleans.

The old jazz song is one of our favorites, and it's one of the first Christmas songs we listen to each year.  
Throughout the fall season, we have attempted on several occasions to drive to New Orleans for the day, but each time, something would come up preventing us from doing so. Yesterday, we got up and hit the road, daring anything to stand in the way between us and a little Christmastime in New Orleans.  
We arrived just in time for lunch.  Our first choice, Crabby Jacks, was closed, so we headed into the quarter to another favorite, Camellia Grille.  So yum!
Daddy with the big three.  So thankful to my love for making today so special!
Mommy and Story.  
Don't worry, we didn't go immediately to Cafe Du Monde after eating lunch!  We did walk around the quarter quite a bit, and boy was it cold!
Yummy beignets!
My two favorite fellas in all the land.  
Sweet sisters.  
I'm loving this one!  Powdered sugar everywhere!
 My little loves know that I love to capture their pictures, so several times throughout the day they asked me to take their pictures.  I love it!
 We tried to walk inside the St. Louis cathedral while we were there, but it was closed for some reason.  
 Silly faces are where it's at.  
 Overlooking Jackson Square.  
 Next, we hopped on a trolley for a ride.  These two are so funny together.  I told David they remind me of an old married couple, so cute!
 Daddy and his mini me.  
My Tilly girl.  
 Sweet Summer.  
 Handsome boy.  
 She wanted to pose for me.  
Story looked out the window the whole time, taking it all in.  
 After some time in the quarter and driving around our old stomping grounds, we headed over to LaFreniere Park to check out their light display, per the suggestion of a sweet friend who lives in New Orleans.  
 It was awesome, and so reasonably priced!  First you drive through in your car, and then you can get out and walk around.  Can you spot the big three? 
 It was so cold!
 She asked me to take her picture, sweet thing.  
 Cute little elves.  
 We loved visiting New Orleans at Christmastime! 

Monday, December 23, 2013

It's time for Christmas break!

During the week leading up to Christmas break, there were lots of fun activities at school.  
Tilly's class decorated Christmas trees made from ice cream cones.  
Carter's class had a "night before Christmas" party, where they got to wear their pajamas to school for the whole day.  
This is the gingerbread house that the boys decorated and later ate!
I got to peek in throughout the day to see what my little fella was up to.  
Meanwhile, Story was enjoying herself at her class Christmas party.  
Thank you, T, for Carter's awesome Christmas pajamas.  He was so very proud!
The last day of school before break was a free dress day! 
Summer asked me to take her picture at her class Christmas party.  
The entire Kindergarten went caroling through the school.  It was the sweetest thing, especially when the "big" kids sang along, too!
As you can tell, we are crazy excited that Christmas break is finally here!

Friday, December 20, 2013

Story's Christmas ballet recital.

Thursday night, Story had her Christmas ballet recital.  
Daddy bought her some new tights and slippers for the big day!
We took time for a photo shoot before heading over to the church.  
Mommy and Story.  
Story and Daddy!  
They're both quite smitten, don't you think? 

Here come the tiny dancers!

At this moment, I was pretty sure this was not going to go so well.  

Not long after, she definitely came off the stage and had to potty.  So we went.  And the whole way there and back, I explained to her how she was going to go back up on the stage with her friends.  

I was so proud of her when she did in fact return to her spot.  She did not dance, but she stayed out there.  I leaned over to tell our sweet friends, Miss Katie and Miss Kelsey, that I would just be thankful if she did one move, just one! 

The last song of the night was "Away in a Manger," and she definitely danced!  

I was so thankful!

Sweet ballerina!

Perhaps, by the time her spring performance comes around she will be more ready.  

I adore this picture!  Story with some of her sweet friends!

Cute little ballerinas.  

All the little girlies with their fearless leader, Miss Anna!

Story, you looked absolutely beautiful! 

Sweet sisters!
Story dancing to "Away in a Manger."  
Story, we loved watching you dance tonight and are so very proud of you!