Thursday, July 31, 2014

M4 Camp

The Wednesday after we returned from Arkansas, we got these two cuties ready for their very first overnight camp! I know! How can they be old enough to go to camp?!?
 I don't know who was more excited, these two cuties or their parents! We love camp at our house.  David and I met at camp, gasp! And we worked three summers of camp together before we got married.  We LOVE camp! I may or may not have packed all of their items in labeled ziploc bags and hidden a love note in their bags.  Just sayin! 
 Summer and her sweet friend, Makena, who went with her to camp.  
 Momma and Daddy with the two big campers! 
 Sweet little sisters sending off their big siblings!
So, Carter and Summer headed to M4 camp at Waukaway Springs for three days, which was the perfect length of time for our family for the first camp experience.  
 While they were away, little sisters enjoyed birthday parties with neighborhood friends.  
 And we had fun at the splash pad with another sweet friend!  The three days went by so quickly for us! 
 Meanwhile, this crew was getting ready for the time of their lives.  So fun! 
 The mommas who chaperoned were so sweet to send pictures of the children during the week at camp.  The children were super excited to win the coveted spirit stick! 
 The whole group! The rest of the pictures are taken by various mommas during various camp activities.  I am so very thankful Carter and Summer were able to experience camp this summer.  I am even more thankful that they are STILL talking about it, so awesome!  

M4 camp was a huge success with our two campers.  Tilly cannot wait to join Carter and Summer next year! 

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

July 4th in Arkansas!

Y'all, I am slowly but surely catching up to date on this blog! Whew!
July 4th, we headed to Arkansas to be with David's family. 
Our first day of the trip found us at the community pool and splash pad.  The cousins had the most fun playing together!
And my big 3 had the most fun jumping off the diving board.  Summer shocked us all by doing front flips off the diving board, too!
See what I mean!
Carter did a great job jumping out and swimming back over to the side all by himself. 
By the end of the day, even Tilly was jumping off the board. 
A selfie with my Summer. 
The next day found us at a trampoline park for the morning.  Way. Too. Much. Fun.  Thank you, Gigi for planning such a fun day!
Getting the ground rules. 
On the morning of the fourth, we participated in the neighborhood parade.  My children thought it was so cool to be IN the parade!
After the parade, we got a treat from the ice cream truck. 
And then got to ride in the back of Papa's truck on the way home.  Love those smiling faces!
That evening we went to the Arkansas Traveler's baseball game.  The weather was perfect!
Story kept Gigi entertained during the game, ha!
Three generations of O'Dell boys. 
After the game, the children got to run the bases on the field.  So cool!
Once darkness fell, the fireworks began!  So beautiful!
Saturday after lunch, we loaded up our crew and headed back south to MS.  We were barely on the road when this little one fell fast asleep. 
We loved our time in Arkansas for July 4th! 

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

VBS, Hardy Street Baptist Church.

The very week after we returned from our whirlwind trip to DC and beyond, our church had Vacation Bible School! 
It was such an exciting week in the life of our church because this was the first time in years that our church has had a week long VBS on its campus.  And it was awesome! 
No caption needed! 
My big 3 love to sing and love to perform.  It was such a treat for them to get to help lead worship with motions on the stage one night at VBS.  
I adore this couple and their family.  We are so grateful the Lord led them to our church!  
Story and one of her very favorite friends!
I spy a smiling Tilly! 
And a racing Carter. 
And a giant evangi-cube.  When David and I worked three summers of MFUGE, we used a much smaller version to share Jesus with children during the summer.  I had never seen one quite so large! 
Story and Mallory in their Bible school class.  
Miss Wendy is such an awesome teacher, and we are definitely going to miss her so very much! 
Sweet Jack!
Large group skits and music were a highlight every night at Bible school.  
Craft time was a favorite at our house, too.  
I love that our children were learning Biblical truths each night from their teachers.  
Games and Rec!
The theme of the week was living inside out.  
Sweet littles praying.  
My crew.  
This chart indicates that we had children from all three church families that meet at our church, so neat!  
Oh, how I love these faces.  We had a wonderful week at VBS at Hardy Street Baptist Church and are so thankful for the many people who gave of their time and energy that week to invest in the lives of others.