Tuesday, October 30, 2012

She's the fairest of them all.

Each Halloween, Papa and Gigi send the children new costumes for Halloween.  We usually keep the costumes a surprise until the day of, and it's so much fun to watch them squeal with delight!  This year at school, Tilly got to wear her costume for "Freaky Friday." 
The night before I carefully laid everything out for our little princess.  
She has been asking all week if it's time, and she could not have been more excited on the morning when she actually got to wear her new dress.  
Look at that sweet face!
I think she was as excited about the headband as she was the dress itself!
And there she is, our beautiful Snow White.  
This little one was not happy that she wasn't allowed to wear her princess dress, too.  We settled for the crown, ha! 
One more picture before we left for school.  As Tilly was sitting here on the porch, she said to me, "Mommy, I am going to need another princess because in the show this one dies!" I said to her, "Yes, but you will wake up when Prince Daddy kisses you!" That answer seemed to suffice.  
Tilly and her BFF at school.  Notice her pink cowboy boots.  Don't all princesses wear boots with their ball gowns?  I think so!  
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Friday, October 26, 2012

A taste of Mississippi.

Carter has been learning all about the Magnolia state in his class at school.  This week has been a culmination of his studies, and he's been able to do some pretty fun things.  
One day at school, his class was treated to a fish fry.  The people here in Mississippi are serious about some catfish.  I mean serious.  
Look at that plate full of yummies!  I'm sure he thought it was WAY better than the packed lunch I send him, ha!  Actually, all he talked about were the lemon cookies.  He said that he ate six or so!  Our little fella adores sweets like nothing I've ever seen.  Sadly, he probably comes by it honestly.  
Daddy joined his buddy for lunch, what a treat!  
Then, Wednesday, Carter's class took a trip to the Laurel Fair.  I didn't get to go because Story was sick, so I was quite thankful for one of the mommas who posted a picture of their class on facebook.   Aren't they a fun looking bunch?!  Carter said that it was one of his best days ever!

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Thursday, October 25, 2012

SMTTT Homecoming, 2012.

This past weekend marks the first time we have done an annual event for the second time!  Did you get all that?  About this time last year, our family had just arrived in Hattiesburg, and we attended the USM Homecoming parade together.  We parked behind the library, being the rookies that we were, and walked across the street to see what we could see.  This year, we felt more confident in our parade skills, so we maneuvered our way downtown and found the perfect place to watch.  
My children love parades!  Mostly for the candy and beads, but we like the music, the cheerleaders, and the excitement that comes with it, too.  Parades were a big part of my childhood (Kiwanis Fair Parade in my hometown and the St. Patrick's parade in Savannah), so I love it that I'm getting to share similar memories with our children.  
Here are the big 3.  Story was still in the back of the car, not sure if she was ready to venture out yet! At the beginning of the parade, Miss USM stopped right in front of us (of course I didn't think to take a picture).  She was so sweet to talk to the children. Carter asked me if she was a princess!  So cute!  She looked like one in her sparkly golden gown!
There's Seymour at the top of the fire truck!
That afternoon we met up with some of our church family to tailgate before the game.  We dined on red beans and rice while the children enjoyed playing with their friends.  I sure do love these memories we are making in our town.  It is really starting to feel more and more like home.  

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Trip to Georgia iPhone style.

Sometimes, there just isn't enough time to get out the big camera.  Thank goodness for the trusty iPhone!
Here we are hitting the road headed east!
Can you see him?
This little guy was waiting on us when we left church Sunday.
Oh, how we love Mr. Frank and Miss Shirley. 
While the boys hiked, the girls just wanted to swing. 
And swing. 
And swing. 
We enjoyed lunch at Steak and Shake one afternoon. How big does she look sitting in the chair?!?
We loved exploring Possom Trot Church at Berry College.  
Story helped Daddy drive while we explored the back roads.  
Another one of Carter's new friends.  They kept Summer and me on our toes during worship, ha!
Story did a whole lot of this while we drove and drove and drove.  
We were oh so excited to arrive safely back here on Thursday afternoon!  
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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Happy birthday, Mama!

For those of you who know me well, you know how very special my Mama is to me.  She has been such a huge part of my life.  When I was little and would get sick at school, she would pick me up and take me back to her work at Sears.  I would sit in the employee lounge, eat peanut butter crackers, drink a coke (cause that makes it all better), and watch soap operas.  In my high school years, she suffered from bleacher butt after watching endless softball and basketball games.  When I went off to college, she would fill up a cooler each time I went home with leftover yummies from the weekend.  When I went to Arkansas for the first time to see David, I came home and told her that I was going to marry that boy.  She took me wedding dress shopping in Statesboro after he proposed, and I said yes.  She bought my wedding dress once I found the one.  When we moved to New Orleans, I called her every day driving home from the school where I taught in St. Bernard's parish.  She came to the hospital when our three girls were born to help us welcome them, and she bought each of their going home outfits.  Carter was ten days late, and he wore the same outfit home his daddy wore, just to clarify.  She has made many pitchers of sweet tea, fried many chicken fingers, cooked many peas and corn, and baked many cakes.  I love her for each of these acts of love she has shown to me.  My favorite thing she does is listen though.  She wants to know, really know what's going on in my life.  She always has, and I love her for it!  
 This picture was taken on our last Sunday at our church in Georgia before we moved to Mississippi.  I'm so thankful she was able to be there.  She has not been able to travel much in this last year since we moved.  Story and I have traveled alone twice to spend time her, and I am so very thankful for that time we have had.  
My uncle Joey took this picture on my most recent visit in September.  
Our family was in Georgia last week for the revival, and Mama was not up for traveling that far, so we didn't get to see her.  However, when I told her that we were going to the apple orchards, she asked me to send her some apple pies.  So that's just what I did.  
Happy birthday, Mama!  I wish I could sit down and eat an apple pie with you on your birthday!  I love you!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Exploring Berry College.

Our week in Georgia was full, something every day.  Tuesday, we drove up to Blue Ridge, Georgia, to go to the apple barns.  I didn't take a single picture.  I guess we were too busy having fun!  We didn't have anything planned Wednesday, our last day, so we set out exploring at Berry College.  
 We started at Possom Trot Church, founded by Martha Berry.  
 They have done such a great job preserving this place.  
 Just beautiful.  
 From the church, we drove to see the old water mill.  
 I love this of my little one checking it all out. 
 Such a handsome fella. 
 It would not have surprised me one bit if she had jumped right in.  
 These two are a little more cautious, ha!
 And there she is.  Just lovely.  
 There are not enough words to describe fully the love I have in my heart for these four.  
 Yup,  love them.  
 Exploring with my little shadow.  We don't go very far without the other.  
 The next few are just some shots of the beautiful scenery.  I don't know if we could have picked a better week to be in north Georgia.  
 Love the fall colors.  
 Love the reflection on the water.  
Love these five more than anything else! Can you tell we skipped naps on this day?  It was totally worth it!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

You've got a friend.

During our visit to Georgia,  we were able to spend time with sweet friends.  I mentioned seeing the Lancasters on our way to Rome.  Monday, we went to lunch with a couple who is very precious to our family, Frank and Shirley Gore.  They were members of our church in Georgia and just loved on our family as if we were their own.  When David first began as the senior pastor, Mr. Frank and Mrs. Shirley would take David, Carter, Summer and me to eat at Red Lobster about once a month.  It wasn't long before Tilly joined us on our dinner dates, and then Story came along, too!  They were not the least bit overwhelmed or deterred by our growing family.  I love that about them.  
We also got to spend time with our sweet friends, the Stricklens.  David and I first met Chris and Jessica when we moved to Atlanta for David to serve on staff at First Baptist Atlanta.  David and Chris were both in their Minister in Residence program, which was a one-year internship.  At the end of the program, Chris and Jessica moved to Berry College, where they began to work at Winshape.  It was so great to spend time with them and their two children, Noah, 5 and Caroline, 4.  Our two boys especially hit it off!  
These two became fast friends and spent lots of time hiking and exploring at Berry.  On the last day, it was kind of pitiful to watch these two say goodbye.  Jessica and I overheard them saying to each other, "Don't worry, I'll see you in heaven!" So sweet!  
The girls had a fun time playing with Caroline.  She was so sweet to share her toys and dress up clothes with the girls.  We also made lots of new friends at our church home for the week.  The people at Fairview Baptist Church were so loving and kind to our family.  I am so thankful that they are a part of our story now.  For so long, the people of this church have been faithful to pray for our family.  It was so nice to finally meet them and spend time with them for the week.  You know how sometimes you meet someone, and it feels like you've known them your whole life?  That's how it was!  What a sweet church family who really embraced our party of six this week.  So thankful for them!