Monday, June 29, 2015

VBS, 2015.

This past week, we had Vacation Bible School at our church.  It was also our first Bible school with our new church family.  So special! 
David and I were in charge of Games and Rec for the week.  It brought back lots of Fuge memories, for sure.  So fun! 
Summer and I missed the first day because she got sick Sunday night and on into Monday morning.  Sad! Some of our sweet friends sent us pictures throughout the day, which was so great! David managed to do Rec without me, ha! 
This pretty lady is the famous Miss Maggie, we love her so! 
She was a team leader for Carter and Summer's group for the week, and they could not have been more excited! 
The little bits love her, too! 
Story's favorite friend at church, Addison.  These two had the most fun together at VBS all week.  
Thursday night, we had family night at church, and the children performed a few of the songs they had been learning throughout the week for their parents.  Story told me if I didn't watch her, then she would get up on stage and sing.  She did not sing during the spring program :(
After the entire group sang, then the older children sang a few more songs together.  I love to watch our big 3 sing! They are not shy a bit and just sing with their whole hearts.  Love it! 
There's Story! I hid behind some friends so she couldn't see me, but I could still watch her sing.  Another sweet friend volunteered to take pictures with my phone.  I was so thankful! 
Here's one where you can see Carter, Summer, and Tilly.  They did great! 
After the program, we had a party in the gym.  And what's a party without a photo booth?! And s'mores! So fun! 
I love this freckled face! 
Our family in the photo booth! 
Story and some of her sweet friends.  
Tilly and Miss Maggie!  
Carter with two of his friends! 
Carter told me: Mom! The best part is you don't even have to smile! Ha!
Tilly and one of her favorite friends! So sweet! These two had so much fun together at VBS.  
I'd say our summer is off to a pretty rockin' start! Next up, we have July 4th fun to look forward to with family and Summer's birthday! 

Friday, June 26, 2015

#odellsummerfun2015, part 2!

Our summer fun in well under way.  Once we returned from our big travels, we had VBS, and there's a whole post coming on that one! 
 Tilly got some sweet mail from her teacher in MS, Mrs. Pittman.  It was her end of the year gift, and the note said: You're all ready for first grade! No more monkeying around! So sweet! 
 June 21 is National flip flop day, so we hit up Tropical Smoothie in our flip flops (sort of) for a free smoothie! 
 We also hit up the new movie, Inside Out, last weekend for a fun and cool treat.  It has been so hot here already! We loved the movie! I could totally relate having just made a big move ourselves, but the children did not even seem to make that connection, and I think I'm thankful for that! 
 Sunday, we celebrated our two favorite big fellas for Father's Day, Papa and Daddy! 
Daddy picked lunch at Five Guys, so we enjoyed having lunch with Papa and Gigi for Father's Day.  It's such an honor to celebrate these two special men! We love them so much! 

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Summer Road Trip - headed home!

Thursday morning, we hit the road and headed west before eventually heading south towards home.  This allowed us to cross a few more states off our list! 
Thanks for the memories, Ohio! 
Indiana, here we come.  One of my sweet friends messaged me to tell me of some fun places to see in Indianapolis.  I told her that we were only going to Indianapolis for one thing. . . 
Lucas Oil Stadium, home of the Colts! 
My husband and our family became Colts fans during Peyton Manning's tenure with them.  We were also big fans of Coach Tony Dungy.  It was pretty cool to see where they played! 
We Believe!
The stadium was of course closed, so we headed over to the Pro Shop to pick up a Father's Day gift or two.  While we were in there, we met a family from our school, Arkansas Baptist! What a small world! 
I love that sometimes my children want their picture taken when we go to new places.  Sometimes, they don't cooperate, but when it's their idea, well. . . 
Carter wanted to have his picture made at every place we went, so he could send pictures to his teacher once we got home.  
Summer said, "I think I look pretty with the wind blowing through my hair!" Yes, you do, sweet girl!
Tilly! No pose today! 
We left Indianapolis and decided to just power through and make it home on Thursday.  We didn't want to get another hotel room and were just ready to be in our own beds.  So, we drove over 750 miles Thursday, so we could make it home sweet home.  
And that's just what we did! Our travels this year took us through 10 states plus Canada.  We drove 2333.3 miles on this trip.  Once again, we are so very thankful not only for the opportunity to see so many beautiful places and sweet friends, but also to have such wonderful traveling mercies along the way, what a gift! 

Wednesday, June 24, 2015


We left Canada Sunday morning and made our way to Columbus for the Pastor's Conference and Southern Baptist Convention.  It was so nice to stay put for a few days in one place after traveling for so many.  I did not take many pictures at all once we were in Columbus.  Our children went to the camp they had for the pastor's children, and David and I enjoyed going to the worship services and meetings.  One of my favorite parts of the Pastor's Conference is the worship and teaching.  We were led in worship by Travis Cottrell, Meredith Andrews and Shane & Shane - all at different times of course, but it was amazing! We heard some really great preaching, too! My favorites were James MacDonald and David Platt.  Another favorite for me is getting to host a table at the Minister's Wives luncheon.  This was my second year to host, and it's so much fun! Angie Smith was the speaker for this year, and I could not have been more excited to hear her share.  She is as adorable as she seems in her blog and books.  
Better yet, I got to meet her at the book signing after the luncheon, such a treat! 
Wednesday after the conference was over, we headed out to see some sights in Columbus.  On the top of our list was Ohio State University.  We walked all the way around the stadium but couldn't find anyone nice enough to let us in ;) 
It was pretty neat to be on the campus of this year's National Championship winner! 
The stadium appeared to be nice from the outside, ha! 

Upon the suggestion of my friend, Teresa, who had visited Columbus last summer with her family, we went to eat supper at Schmidt's Sausage Haus.  
The food was ok, but the dessert was awesome! Cream puffs weighing half a pound, yes, please! 
Our last night at the hotel in Columbus, we discovered our last first loose tooth! Gasp! How can it be? She was so excited! I imagine it won't be long before the tooth fairy comes to visit this cutie! 

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Summer Road Trip - Day 3

We so enjoyed our time with the Sheckell family! They were the sweetest hosts.  We enjoyed our best meal on the road and loved visiting with the whole family, such a treat! 
Saturday morning, we headed out early for Canada.  
It wasn't too terribly far from the Sheckell's house where we crossed the bridge into Canada.  So neat! 
And our passports and birth certificates worked, yay! Here's the actual bridge crossing over into Canada.  So neat! The trip to Niagara was pretty long, and in Canada you can't drive very fast on their interstate.  One of the neatest things we found along the way were the rest areas.  It was more like a food court in the mall, with several restaurants to choose from, clean bathrooms, and even a Starbucks! 
It wasn't too long before we arrived.  So beautiful! 
I don't know that I realized before that there are two separate falls.  I also was amazed by the beautiful color of the water! It was a deep, deep blue-green, so pretty! 
Our family opted to ride the Maid of the Mist.  This is a picture of us right before we got on the boat.  
Here's a picture of what we actually got to do.  The boat rides out right in front of the falls.  It's so beautiful! And loud! 
My pictures really don't do it justice.  
Here we are on our way to second and larger of the two falls.  
Lots of mist coming from this one.  
We definitely got wet! 
Niagara falls selfie!
We left the boat and walked along the falls for a bit.  Here's what should be noted about Story.  She has been in a stroller most of her little life, and the amount of walking that we did was not for her ;)
I'm so thankful that we took some time to walk around on Saturday.  The weather was perfect! Even a little warmer than I was thinking it would be.  
Our four cuties with the larger of the two falls.  
Lots of family pictures, which we hardly ever manage to do at home, so it was a treat!
Another selfie with my favorite.  He's such a good sport! 
Pretty Summer at Niagara Falls.  
Carter.  He was so fun to watch on the boat.  He was so excited and just thought the whole thing was so awesome! I love his infectious personality! 
Sweet Story with the falls.  
And our Tilly girl, always managing to strike a pose! 
We found this fountain on the way back to our car and we said YES to playing in the water! Look at those grins.  Here's to saying YES more this summertime!
Sunday morning before we left, we rode around a bit more.  It was very cloudy and rainy, so I'm very thankful we saw most of the sights the day before.  
So long, Canada! Southern Baptist Convention, here we come!