Monday, May 30, 2011

The birthday boy.

Well, birthday week finally came to an end. Thank goodness, too because I think this whole birthday stuff was starting to go to his head, ha! We heard many times throughout the week, "but, I'm the birthday boy . . ."
Here is our precious fella on the morning of his FIFTH birthday with our traditional birthday breakfast of doughnuts. With sprinkles!
That night we took the birthday boy out to supper for family date night in his honor. Tilly! How grown up does she look here? Wow.
Sweet Story. I'm sure she's thinking. We are eating at Welcome to Moe's. Again. Don't let her fool you, my girls loves some black beans!
Summer posing for the camera.
Mommy and the birthday boy.
Tilly loving on her daddy. Man, these girls love their daddy! Love him!
David surprised Carter with some balloons for his birthday. For those of you who know Carter well, you are aware of his LOVE for balloons. I have never seen anything like it. He has loved balloons since he was little bitty, and it hasn't gone away with age either, maybe gotten worse, ha! I wish you could have seen the precious look of awe on his face when he got up from his nap and found them on his chair. There are no words.
We celebrated with brownies and ice cream.
Pure joy.
Make a wish!
Opening his present from Aunt Karen, Treasure Island. She keeps us supplied with our books, and we are so thankful. Right now, we are reading Charlotte's Web, and we are almost done. Carter said, "Mommy, we can read this one next!"
Opening his present from Papa and Gigi, his very own "video camera" as he calls it. He got a Kidizoom camera made by Vtech, so fun!
Okay, so he is totally hamming it up right now for the camera. He is opening a card from Mama, and this look on his face is just too much!
I love this face! He's opening his present from his sisters, Lightning McQueen cars, his new favorite thing.
The last thing we did was open his piggy bank. Aunt Karen has given all of the children piggy banks, and we decided that on their 5th birthdays we would open them and discuss tithing, saving, and buying. After emptying his bank and counting his money, David explained to Carter that before we do anything else with his money, we will give part of it to Jesus as an offering. We also explained that he would save a portion of his money to be used at a later time and that he would get to buy something for himself. Cute story before I close. This morning on the way to church, Carter asked David, "Daddy, did you bring my offering to church? I'm not doing anything with my money until I give some Jesus first!" Precious. My mommy heart is full of love for this boy and prayers that one day very soon Jesus will completely capture his heart forever.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Happy 5th birthday, Carter!

Happy birthday, Carter!
How can it be that today you are FIVE years old? The time has truly gone by way too fast. Last year, when we celebrated your fourth birthday, I never dreamed this next year would so quickly pass us by. But, here you are another year older, another year wiser, definitely another year cuter, and most definitely another year loved. Let's look at what you've been up to over the last year. Just for fun before we get to the last year, here's the picture of you the day we brought you home from the hospital in the very outfit your daddy wore home when he was born. I love looking at this picture. It's hard to believe you were once so tiny and dependent on us for all of your needs.
This picture was taken last May, just after your 4th birthday. You were outside helping Daddy work in the garden and playing with Hundley.
Last June, we had VBS at our church, Saddle Ridge Ranch style!
You have been the sweetest, best, biggest brother to your littlest baby sister, Story.
Last Father's Day, we celebrated Daddy's special day by dedicating Story to the Lord.
Last summer we spent lots of time at Miss Pat's pool. You became so brave in the pool, eventually diving right in.
In July, we traveled to Arkansas, where we spent some time in Papa and Gigi's pool.
Playing with some sweet friends in Marmaduke.
You got your teeth cleaned for the very first time and didn't even cry!
You and Summer got your very first pair of cleats.
We took you and Summer to your very first Braves game. It was so hot and so much fun! You loved the cotton candy and cracker jacks!
We went to the pumpkin patch and picked out 6 pumpkins for our party of six.
You went to New Orleans for the very first time and enjoyed beignets at Cafe du Monde.
You celebrated hilarious hat day at Heiskell.
You played soccer for the very first time for Team Italy.
We celebrated Christmas together. This year you and Summer really caught onto the excitement of the Saviour's birth.
You and Summer performed in the Christmas program at school. You knew every word to every song and did so well!
We rode the pink pig. I love that you get excited over something so simple.
We went to New Orleans again for Daddy's doctoral graduation. You got to sit in the chapel for the duration of the service. I helped you pass the time by allowing you to take pictures with my phone.
We celebrated Christmas morning at home just the 6 of us. Your daddy picked out this awesome helicopter for you, and you were so excited!
Later, we celebrated Christmas at T's house with the Hollands and Mama.
During January, we had an entire week of snow, and I loved being at home with the 4 of you. We had so much fun together. One day we even got a little creative and busted out the Halloween costumes, so fun!
A few times throughout the year, we sought respite with the Hollands at Shelter Cove.
For spring break, we traveled to Arkansas to spend time with Papa and Gigi. You had fun at Chuck E. Cheese.
And you loved flying kites at Pinnacle Mountain State Park.
You ran in your very first race, the Chicken Run in Powder Springs. You loved it!
We celebrated Muffins with Mommy at school, and you gave me these pretty flowers.
You got to see the Atlanta Opera perform the Pirates of Penzance. You have always loved music, even from the time you were in the womb and a small baby. Music has always had a special affect on you. It's no wonder you were captivated with the opera.
You participated in Wacky Wednesday. Daddy even put product in your hair to be extra silly!
You watched cousin Keri play in a softball game at the very field where Mommy used to play as a little girl.
We spent some time with Mama over Easter Break.
You helped to cheer on Summer at her very first ballet recital.
You sang your heart out at Musical Morning in May. Daddy and I were so very proud of you.
You had fun times with friends at birthday parties.
You celebrated your 5th birthday by going on a date with Mommy and Daddy.
Carter, words cannot describe the joy Daddy and I felt in our hearts when we learned that we were going to have you. Words cannot describe the love Daddy and I have in our hearts for you and your sisters. Watching you grow over the last 5 years has been the most fun! Thank you!
We love you to the moon and back, buddy!