Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Pray for Austell

Early Monday morning as David and I were getting around attempting to ready ourselves for a new week, we were discussing how it lightened and thundered literally all night long, all night! Without further thought, I headed out the door with my two oldest little people on our way to school. David sent me a 911 text while I was in morning devotions, so I called ASAP. The news he shared was devastating. The Whitmires, who are responsible for half-raising our three children over the past year, were on the verge of losing their home to Sweetwater Creek, which was quickly on the rise. He called me again not even an hour later telling me to get Carter and Summer and come home, now! The creek was rising fast and the roads in and out of the city of Austell were closing. Thanks to the help of my sweet staff at school, Carter, Summer, and I quickly got on the road after a pit-stop at Old MacDonald's for some milk and apple dippers. After only having to turn around once and picking up sweet little Tilly from our neighbors, we made it home safely. By 11:00 AM, the Whitmire's house was flooded completely. Thankfully, they were able to get a truckload of their things out. David was gone most of the day going from house to house helping people. I think he came home three times to put on dry clothes. He has worked so hard these past two days. I am proud to call him my pastor, but even more proud to call him my husband. By 4:00, the water had completely covered the Whitmire's roof. It is like nothing you have ever seen. That evening our church served supper to people in the community. My school called to let me know that school was cancelled. Most Atlanta schools were cancelled for today. David did not get home until after 8 at which point we discovered that our basement (crawl space) was flooded and our hot water tank was out. He and our neighbors were scooping out water with 5 gallon buckets until after 11:00 PM. What a day! I remember going to bed last night praying that it would not rain any more and just feeling as if I were in a fog and that maybe, hopefully today did not really happen. But it did, and the pictures below are a reminder of the events of yesterday. Please pray for the city of Austell and the people of Austell. Pray for our church that we would be the hands and feet of Jesus to our community. The sun came out today. It was beautiful and a reminder of the One who holds every raindrop in His hand.
This is located just past Wallace BBQ a popular eating spot in Austell.
The Whitmire's home. Our three children have spent many hours there, but they have spent a lifetime in this home.
This is taken from our driveway. Three houses down from us was completely flooded.

This is the horse farm just down from our house.
What's left of a Chevron station.
Bankhead Highway
Six Flags over Georgia also located in Austell; the famous Scream Machine, one of my favorite roller coasters as a child.
Downtown Atlanta. Parts of the famous Chattahoochee have also flooded.

Right beside a church members house. The water lacked 3 inches from getting into their home.
Another church member's house. We spent our summer swimming at their pool. You can see the lanterns that make up the pathway to what used to be the pool.
The stable to the horse farm behind our home.
Another shot of the horse farm.
A close up of Brooks Drive in Austell where we live.
However. . .
I've got sunshine on a cloudy day and their names are Carter, Summer, Tilly, and David. I am so thankful for my sweet family and there is no one in the world I would want to be on a journey with than them.
Have you ever seen sweeter faces in the midst of a storm?

Saturday, September 19, 2009

NOLA, how we love thee!

David went to New Orleans this past week for his DMIN classes. I was a wee jealous not to be joining him in this city we love so much. David and I moved to New Orleans in August 2003, for him to attend New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. When we moved there, he had not been officially accepted into the seminary nor did we did not have place to live. We spent our first week on the floor in a friend's apartment with only our clothes from camp! Talk about a leap of faith! Within that first week, David was accepted to seminary and we found an apartment to rent. We spent two wonderful years in this awesome city and we loved it! We have so many memories from our time in the big easy. Because this city was so special to us and the because the Lord provided for us in amazing ways while we were there, we want to always remember NOLA. Our daughter, Tilly's name is a daily reminder. Every night before we go to bed we read Goodnight NOLA. Carter and Summer love it! David and I left New Orleans in May before Katrina hit in September. He went back one time to help some of our friends move after the hurricane, and this past week was only his second time to go back. He was amazed at how much the city has changed. I have not been back since we left, and I am excited to go back soon as we celebrate David's graduation in the coming years. Oh New Orleans, how we love thee!
We were members of this church for our two years during seminary. We sat under some wonderful teachings of Jim Shaddix, David Platt, and Bob Stewart.
A close up of the sign of the church. It is located on Paris Avenue.

A view of the apartments where we lived with UNO in the background. David and I used to walk on this sidewalk in the middle of the road in the afternoons.
The front view of our "GenTILLY" apartments. David and I lived on the backside in #212.

5700 St. Anthony Street #212
New Orleans, 70122

Friday, September 11, 2009

Our little lady is ONE already!

Our sweet little Tilly turned ONE on August 19. We waited until Labor Day Weekend to have her birthday party since David's parents would be in town to help us celebrate. It was a sweet day full of pizza and cupcakes! Our little miss had no problem diving right into her birthday treat. She was so much fun to watch! Hope you enjoy the pictures from our fun day.
Eating pizza getting ready for cake!

Mommy and Daddy with the birthday girl!

Tilly LOVED the cupcakes!

It's delicious!

Sweet birthday girl!

She is such a happy baby!

The balloons were a BIG hit with our little fella!
Our sweet little friends on the swing!

Carter, Summer, Adelle, and Ashlyn had so much fun with the wagon and balloons!
Mommy's little helpers. Notice the birthday girl is missing!

Opening Tilly's presents!

Did I mention that she is walking everywhere now?

Carter and Summer LOVE presents!

Helping the birthday girl open a card! Happy birthday, sweet Tilly! We are so thankful for the gift of you! We love you!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Makes You Wanna Jump! Jump!

As previously mentioned, David's parents (BKA Papa and Gigi) spent all last week at our house! The week was chock full of fun times. The children spent their days at Chuck E. Cheese, eating pizza, playing games, shopping, playground hopping, getting haircuts, mostly being spoiled rotten and loving every minute of it! One of the super fun things we all got to do together was go to our favorite jump spot on Thursday night. We all met up at Jump For Joey and jumped till we could jump no more! Once tired of jumping we went to listen to some sweet words, "Welcome to Moe's!" What a fun night!

Back to School Haircuts

Papa and Gigi came all the way from Arkansas to spend last week with us! It was such a treat to have them here for a visit. The children had so much fun hanging out with their "parents" as Carter would call them! Daddy and Mommy had a great time going on several dates too! Papa and Gigi took Carter and Summer to get their hair cut before starting pre-school. This was Summer's very first haircut. She was a champ! Enjoy the picture story!

Getting ready for their back to school haircuts. They are SO ready!
Scoping out the place to make sure it's okay!

Summer is loving that lollipop!
Carter waiting patiently for Summer to be finished. Ladies are first at our house!

Summer is doing great!

Summer is all finished and looks so pretty!

Carter's turn! He's trying to be so brave!
All smiles now!
Where are all the curls?? Papa is supervising in the background!

Wednesday, September 09, 2009


Today was the first day of pre-school at The Heiskell School for Carter and Summer, the first day of school ever for our sweet Summer. Summer is a "Builder" this year and Miss Page (who also taught Carter last year) is her teacher. Carter is an "Explorer" this year and Miss Wendy is his teacher. I shared a praise in faculty devotions this morning for no accidents and no tears! The morning went unbelievably well, except for one freak out moment when I could not find Summer's name tag. We got everything ready the night before because we knew that was the only way to survive today. Our little people talked the WHOLE way to school and I mean the WHOLE way. Mostly we talked about why the sun was not awake yet and we were! It was cute! Carter kept assuring me that HE would take Summer to her classroom when we got to school. Anyway, Carter and Summer both went into the morning reading room without complaint and I could not have been more proud or amazed! My favorite part of the day was being in the gym for dismissal and waiting for my little ones to find me. Carter and Summer (accompanied by Miss Lisa) came through the back doors of the gym and there were squeals and tiny feet running until at last, they were in my arms! What a great day! Here are a couple of pictures of my pre-schoolers on their first day.

So proud of my pre-schoolers; so thankful for our school!