Wednesday, February 17, 2016

January, 2016!

If you thought December was a busy month for our party of six, just wait til you see what January had in store.  January began with a road trip (imagine that!) to south GA to spend time with my family for Christmas.  And I'm so sad, but I hardly took any pictures at all.  
David did send me this one of Story and Carter in the hotel sleeping.  Sweet things.  
And right after we got home, David took Tilly and Carter with him on a road trip to Indianola to preach for some friends there, the Burkes.  They have children Tilly and Carter's ages, so he thought they would have a big time together, and they did! 
First day back to school after Christmas break in their new pullovers Santa's elves (aka Miss Pam) stitched for them.  
My Fridays are spent with this handsome fella, and I couldn't be more thankful! We make hospital visits, grocery shop, exercise, and just enjoy being together.  
Carter got to go see the Harlem Globetrotters with his daddy and Papa.  He was more excited than this picture entails, ha! 
So thankful for the faces in this picture.  Our first season as Baptist Prep Eagles was so much fun! 
We slept with our clothes inside out and backwards hoping for snow! 
Tilly kept losing more teeth!
Carter got new glasses.  
I enjoyed surprising these two girls for lunch at school.  
Story had her first spelling test and made a 100!
Even Darth Vader sleeps sometimes, apparently.  
We enjoyed elementary night at the High School basketball game.  
Complete with face painting and fun with friends.  
We got our first little snow.  
Summer got new glasses.  
Carter and David enjoyed lots of duck hunting.  
Carter helped Story with her reading.  
We built forts inside.  
And we finally got that first big snow fall! 
We had the most fun sledding with church friends on the big hill.  
I'm not sure who enjoyed it more! 
We made snow angels, too!
Story went to school in her PJs.  That's my kind of day! 
Tilly miraculously turned 100 years old over night! 
Story with 100 hearts for the 100th day of school.  
The kindergartners all released 100 red balloons.  It was such a beautiful sight!
I am so thankful to be able to experience all this school fun with my loves.  
Carter got to play in the symphony orchestra!
While Summer and Story spent the day at Papa and Gigi's house, the rest of us toured the Air Force Base with Mr. Rick and Miss Pam.  
This was heaven for our boy who loves all things that fly!
He wanted his picture made with every plane <3 p="">
January ended with the chili cook-off at our church.  Carter's and David's chili won 2nd place! He was so proud! January, you've gotten 2016 off to a pretty amazing start.  

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