Sunday, August 17, 2014

Organized Mass Chaos!

This past Wednesday night at church, we participated in Organized Mass Chaos! It was the most fun! 
For those of you familiar with the FUGE world, the campers at Centri-Kid participate in this event each week, while the older campers at Centri-fuge and MFuge particpate in Mega Relay.  This definitely brought back lots of fun memories! 
The preschoolers came out first to check out what they would be doing!  I think these girls were a little skeptical. . . 
Not this one.  She was all in and all ready to play!
So, for OMC, the children are divided into two teams, the Orange team and the Teal team.  Each team member draws a card and has to run to the center circle to complete their task as stated on the card.  Summer is being covered in shaving cream, and what you don't see is that she comes up to hug me, thus, covering me with shaving cream also!  Too fun!
Carter in the center completing a task.  
With a little help from Mrs. Crystal.  
At some point I passed off my phone because I was covered in shaving cream and other goop.  I love the pictures my friend took! 
With Carter and Summer.  
I love that Story participated and got messy!
These two girls really surprised me.  They are more likely to observe and take in the action, so I was super proud when they jumped in and participated!  They even got messy! 
And I adore this picture.  W came up to give me a big shaving cream hug at the end!  Sweet boy!
We are so thankful to have Miss Sarah back with us.  She spent the summer in Thailand serving as a summer missionary!  
Me with the big 3!  We had so much fun together at OMC!
Another church friend captured this moment, and I love it!  Carter and I had to run around the circle three times.  
Miss Sara with all the pre-schoolers!
Due to the large degree of messy that we were, we could not drive home  in our car, ha! Thankfully, we live close enough to walk.  On the way home, we stopped to take a selfie.  I love these faces so very much!  

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