Saturday, May 19, 2012

End of school fun.

The last few weeks bringing the end of the school year to a close have been crazy!  This week, being the actual last week of school, has been so full of fun!  
We began the week by celebrating Summer's birthday at school.  She has a July birthday, so her teacher offered to celebrate with her friends.  After singing some songs, reciting some poems, and practicing some sight words, we played Alphabet Bingo.  

Summer loved having Story in her class.  Story even joined in on the fun!  

Wednesday, was Tilly's last day of school, and they had their end of the year party at one of the jump places in town.  It's actually the same place we went to celebrate Story's birthday the week before.  

Here's Tilly playing with her sweet friend, E.  
I took Story with me, so she could play, too.  She had so much fun.  She recognized the place when we pulled up in the parking lot and was so excited!  She kept saying "Jump, Mommy, jump!  I had so much fun watching Tilly and Story play.  Happy last day of school, Tilly!  It's so hard for me to believe  that you will be in K4 next year!  

Thursday was Summer's last day of school.  Her party was at Planet Gymnastics, and Summer could not have been more excited!  She loves to tumble and flip and has been begging us to sign her up for gymnastics.  
I love her face in this picture.  She's like "hurry up, Mom, I wanna play!"  Summer, you will turn five this summer and begin Kindergarten in the fall!  Wow!  We are so very proud of you!
Friday, was Carter's last official day of school, we celebrated in his class with an ice cream party!  The children were so excited and had so much fun!
Carter took my phone to snap some pictures of his friends.  Not too shabby for a beginner.  

I love this picture!  How big does he look?  I will also share that the cutie in the middle may or may not be the recipient of his first ever love note, gasp!  

After school, we met some sweet ladies from our church for lunch to celebrate Carter's graduation.  Mrs. Ward (she's sitting over Carter's left shoulder) is the wife of the gentleman who started Ward's restaurant back in 1978.  They are all over Hattiesburg.  I told David today in the car that I think it's so neat to have lunch with her in the restaurant she and her husband began so many years ago.  

After lunch, it was ice cream for everyone!  I tried to capture a picture of each of the four enjoying their ice cream to the fullest.  I think I succeeded!  

Story loves sweets, loves them!  I think the only thing she ate for lunch today was french fries with ketchup, of course.  And ice cream.  Eh, pick your battles, right?  

Summer, sweet Summer.  She's in the zone!  So cute.  We loved our time at lunch with some sweet friends from church.  

I snapped this picture last night on our Friday family date night.  Carter is singing his school's Alma Mater for his daddy.  I am way biased, but that boy can sing!  Apparently, according to his children's choir teacher, he's already reading musical rhythms, too. We have gotta get that boy signed up for piano lessons or something, soon.  Monday night, he will graduate from Kindergarten.  What.  He was chosen among several Kindergartners to play the hand bells at the graduation.  I know, I'm so proud.  Carter, we cannot wait to watch you play!

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