Friday, August 21, 2015

#odellsummerfun2015, part 5!

So, school is back in full swing, but I have one more summer recap to do! This was such a wonderful summer for our family.  We were able to see and do so many things, and I am just so very thankful for the memories we made together as a family! 
David, being the sweet one that he is, took all four children by himself for back to school hair cuts.  
At the local beauty school, ha! It's only $5 per kid, and you can't really beat that! 
They love getting their hair cut, so it was a treat for the little ones!
Maybe Carter didn't love it so much.  What he did love, however, was a few weeks later when David took him to his barber for a real hair cut.  I was super sad to see the curls go, but he looks pretty adorable with his new hair cut.  Mostly, Carter loves that he looks just like his daddy <3 p="">
David and Carter built a table for a family here in Little Rock.  Isn't it gorgeous!
One of my very favorite things we did this summer was to give each child their own day for the summer.  So, Monday - Carter, Tuesday - Summer, Wednesday - Tilly & Thursday - Story.  On their day, they got to go first for everything.  This is a big deal at our house! But, the best part was at night, we let them stay up an extra 30 minutes with just Mom and Dad at night.  They got to pick our activity.  Most often, we ate popsicles and watched American Ninja Warrior, but on this night, Tilly wanted to bake muffins for everyone.  Do you date your children? It is something we think is so important, but with four it can get quite expensive, so this was a great way to give them some one on one time with us without having to spend a whole lot of money.  I look forward to continuing this tradition next summer, too! 
The girls and I had a spa party one day.  
We did manicures.  
And pedicures.  It was so much fun! 
I also taught my first class on Essential Oils this summer.  It was so much fun and very successful.  I have not blogged about my love for EO yet, but it's on my to do list now that school is back in session.  
At the class, we had three drink dispensers set up for tasting, and that was a big hit! 
Story lost her first tooth this summer, and the one beside it will soon follow.  Summer did most of the work wiggling the tooth and getting it ready.  I pulled it out; and the tooth fairy came for a visit! Maybe Summer will be our resident dentist.  She has pulled all 9 of her teeth and all of Tilly's too! 
Last Wednesday, we had some special guests at church, Willie and Emily Butler.  David and I met Willie at MFUGE during 2003 when we were all on staff in Nashville.  Emily was a journeyman in Tibet that summer.  The following summer, we all four worked together as married couples on staff at MFUGE in Nashville again.  We love this couple so much and are so thankful for this time we got to spend with them.  Willie definitely instilled in our hearts a love of missions.  They, along with their three children, are IMB missionaries, and we are so proud of them! And just like that summertime is over! It went by so quickly, but we tried to soak it up the best way we knew how! 

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