Friday, July 19, 2013

Summer's 6th birthday fun!

Back at the end of June, we had one big birthday party for all four little loves, and I am still needing to put that post on the blog.  For Summer's actual birthday, we just spent the day together as a family.  
Our morning birthday tradition of doughnuts for breakfast continued as we sang to the special girl.  She got a special doughnut with chocolate icing.  
Make a wish!
Daddy with the birthday girl.  
We let Summer open one present that morning with her doughnut with the promise that the rest would come later that night after supper.  She got a bag of little treats:  socks, Tiana panties, lip gloss, bracelets, and headbands.  She loved it! 
Carter is at baseball camp this week, so I promised the girls they could play dress up while big brother was at camp.  So lovely! 
I let Summer stay up during nap time today, and she decided to catch some rays with me outside.  We enjoyed listening to the Sofia soundtrack and eating Italian Ice together.  She told me: It's like we're sisters!  So sweet!
Another birthday tradition includes allowing the children to choose where we eat for supper.  Summer chose Five Guys because of the peanuts, ha!  It could've been worse for sure.  Remember Carter chose Taco Bell! 
The birthday girl with her requested peanuts and a drink that she didn't have to share.  That's a treat, too! 
Me with the big 3.  
Daddy with the littlest.  
Mommy and the birthday girl.  
After supper we took the children to Baskin Robbins for a little ice cream treat.  
How cute is she with her legs crossed like a big girl?  Too big! 
When we got home, we got on FaceTime with Papa and Gigi.  She had already talked to T earlier in the day.  Aunt Cari and Uncle Cory got on FaceTime with her after presents, and Aunt Noelle and her girls called and sang the birthday song.  So many helped to make Summer feel special on her big day!  Summer opened her presents and then before we knew it, bedtime was upon us.  Happy birthday, Summer!  We hope your day was absolutely wonderful!  We love you to the moon and back! 

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