Friday, August 03, 2012

Tilly's new friend.

My mom won some major cool points this week, as if she needed to win any, but at any rate she did.  Majorly.  About once a month, our party of six gets a package in the mail from T.  Gifts is definitely her love language.  We pulled into the driveway after coming home from the gym and spotted a big brown box on our front porch.  Yay!  Carter said, "T sent us another box!"  Inside the box was a little treat for each other children and big white box that I immediately recognized for Tilly saying "open now." Her birthday is in a few weeks, so I was just going to wait until then to give it to her.  T insisted, and I obeyed.  Even after all these years, ha!  
 I don't think Tilly recognized the box as being from Build a Bear.  At any rate, we got T on the phone, so that Tilly could talk to her as she was opening the box.  
 How cool is this gift!  T and Hart made Tilly a teddy bear complete with glasses and her very own eye patch!  T even sent extra eye patches, so we can change them out each day like we do Tilly's.  
 What a super cool gift for a super cool little girly!  There's a story behind the bear though.  I wish I had a picture to show.  When I was little, I had a brown bunny rabbit, only about 12" high that I carried with me everywhere.  I loved the eyes right off that bunny, but that didn't stop me from taking him with me whereverI went, even to the hospital.  In fact, when I was little I had as many as 6 sets of tubes.  During one of my operations, the doctor not only fixed my ears, but he also fixed my bunny's eyes.  When I woke up from the surgery, there on my bed was my bunny with his eyes bandaged up!  
Now, Tilly has her very own special bear with special eyes just like her.  I think she's a little proud, don't you?  She hasn't put the bear down since he came in the mail.  
Thank you, T and Hart, for such a super special gift for our super special little girl!  We love you!

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