Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Chapter 5 A Princess in the Making

Once upon a time, in a big southern city, a beautiful princess was born into a not-so-royal family, well except for her brother, the prince.
She quickly captivated her parents with her big, gorgeous brown eyes and long, beautiful eyelashes. Her big brother, the prince loved her more than words and would spend his days gazing at her, bringing her all of his most favorite toys, and loving on this beautiful creature, called his sister. As Princess Summer left her infant days behind and became a toddling little girl, she continued to amaze her parents with not only her beauty, but also her brave heart.
Throughout the city, tales are told of her daring feats and fearless demeanor.
In fact, one such tale exists claiming that as a wee one, the princess climbed onto the dining room table with hopes of swinging from the chandelier. (Gasp!)
The older she got, the more girly and lovely she became.
She loves music, loves to dance, loves to wear dresses and have her toes painted.
Is it any wonder that for her third birthday party, she would choose a princess theme?
I think not! And we would have nothing else for our little princess!
It is hard work being a princess!
The princess and the prince.
Getting the candle ready, so the princess can make her royal wish!
Happy birthday! What a beautiful cake from Papa and Gigi for a pretty princess!
With a little help from Mommy, who is by no means the queen of this castle, ha!
Doesn't she look like a princess to you, with icing all over her dress and face?
Some of our royal friends!
The Prince!
Another little princess in our castle!
Princess Summer with her loot!
Modeling her new earrings from one princess to another, thanks Juie!
There is no doubt about it. . .
our Summer girl is a princess in the making!
At the end of the night, when all of the royal subjects had gone back to their castles, Princess Summer says to her Gigi, "Am I still a princess?" Gigi says, "Of course!" To which the princess replied so seriously, "I am ready to turn back into Summer."
We wouldn't have it any other way, and we pray for your happily ever after all the time, sweet girl!

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