Thursday, July 22, 2010

Chapter 6 The Beginning of the End

So, Friday, July 9, 2010, we loaded our party of six up in the mommy car and headed to NEA. Our journey to NEA was many-fold, but two main reasons, for the wedding of a certain Asian man, whom we love dearly, and so David could preach at MFBC. Along the way, we were able to see so many people, so it was a really sweet time. Back to the story, Friday morning we left Little Rock and headed to Jonesboro. We met up with this sweet couple,
Bruce and Kathy Tippit, David's cousins. We met them for lunch at Couch's BBQ. I thought they were rather brave to take on all 6 of us in a public place, but for the most part the children were very sweet, ha! It was so great to see them. Dr. Tippit has been the pastor at FBC Jonesboro for a number of years, so he and Mrs. Kathy are a huge encouragement to us in ministry as well. We were so thankful to be able to spend a few moments with them; it was truly a blessing!
After a delicious lunch, we hopped back in the car and headed to Paragould. When we first married, David was the youth pastor at MFBC, and I worked in the loan department at Bank of Paragould, now called Focus Bank. This sweet lady was my mentor and boss,
Mrs. Kathy, so I called her. I love her dearly, and we have kept in touch over the years since we left Arkansas. I am so sad that I did not take my camera in the bank and get a picture of her with my children. Instead, I swiped this photo from facebook, hope she doesn't mind, ha!
After leaving the bank, we headed to Marmaduke, straight to the home of these sweet people,
the Long family.
Their home became ours for the weekend, literally. Throughout the weekend, I often commented to David that I just felt so at home there. Lorie, Momma Long, has the sweetest, servant's heart of anyone I know. She helped with the children, picked up after us, washed bottles, did our laundry, and welcomed us with open arms in such a way that we felt just like family. In fact, that can be said of our whole weekend with our church family from Marmaduke. It felt just like family and like we had never left, what a gift.
Saturday, was a big day. Carter's first fishing trip and Nugee's wedding!
David and Nugee (David Nguyen) were roommates during college and just before we married. In fact, one girl in our youth group asked me just before we got married, "So are you going to move in with David and Nugee, when you get married?" She was so serious! All the time I have known, Nugee, I knew it was going to take a special gal to get him to the "I do!" Well, sure enough he found her.
Nugee and Robin were married on July 10, in Jonesboro, Arkansas. David and I were honored to share in their special day, as Nugee is like a brother to him. So is the fella in this next picture. . .
Brad, David, and Nugee - have you ever seen such big smiles on the faces of three grown men! It did my heart good to see my husband laugh so much with these two fellas!
My groom and me.
Brad and his sweet wife, Beth. I always love getting our two families together. Last summer, they spent some time in ATL with us, so it was great to be able to see them again this summer.
The limousine waiting to whisk the newlyweds away to Memphis. Little did they know that my groom was hiding inside. Somehow, while no one was paying attention, he convinced the driver to let him sneak in! It was hilarious!
Here they come, Robin and Nugee!
They don't even know what's coming!
Meanwhile, back at Brad and Beth's house, ALL of our children were there with Brad's brother, Junior, his precious wife, Vicky, and their sweet girls, Sarah and Madison - who bravely volunteered to watch all of the children, so we could attend the wedding. What a gift!
Our party of six at Brad and Beth's house after the wedding. Shortly, after we headed back to Marmaduke to Hotel Long. More to come in the next chapter!

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